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I Had a Gut Feeling…

When the story first broke that an infant was critically injured by a toddler at an in-home daycare, I couldn’t ignore the gut feeling I had that something wasn’t just right.  Based on this story, I wasn’t alone.

An Omaha woman was arrested Thursday, accused of Felony Child Abuse. The case is related to the injury of an infant in a home daycare on Monday.

Thirty-four-year-old April Rogers has been arrested in the case.

Ms. Rogers operated a home daycare at 184th and Van Camp Drive.

She initially told investigators that she was out of the room when a toddler began bouncing on the baby’s head.

That was on Monday but the story is now being questioned and Rogers was being held at the Douglas County Jail Thursday.

The injured child is six-months of age and as of the last report is still in critical condition. 

I’ve got to say that if what is speculated is true, and she harmed the six month old, the fact that she would LIE and try to pin it on a toddler seemingly would reflect the depth of her evil, vile character. 

How can anyone harm a child?  They are innocent, love unconditionally, and at the age of six months are developing their own, unique personalities…they smile and laugh and aren’t jaded by "real life."  Until some twisted, sick idiot decides that they wish to cause them harm.  Change their diaper, give them a bottle, hold them, comfort them, play with them.  Why hurt them?  Assholes.

UPDATE:  Not only did the daycare provider admit to harming this child, beautiful little six month old Alex Tay is no longer with us, passing away due to these injuries. 

OMAHA, Neb.Prosecutors said Friday that an Omaha day-care provider said she slammed a 6-month-old child’s head into the floor six times, and those injuries eventually resulted in death. Now, the Douglas County sheriff is advising other parents who used Rogers’ services to have their children checked for injuries.

All I have to say is that this waste of a human being has taken a life, and has ruined many others because of her choices to slam an innocent, helpless 6-month-old’s head into the floor.  How in the hell would anyone with a brain, eyes, a heart and as little as one ounce of sense make the decision to do this?  There is NOTHING a 6-month-old child could possibly do to cause this.  My knee-jerk reaction is to give this idiot daycare provider a little taste of what poor little Alex went through, but undoubtedly I’d have to stand in line.  What a waste of oxygen, this microbe of a human being. 

My heart goes out to Alex’s family - I hope my prayers can take away a little of the pain from your hearts and spirits.  My prayers also go out to the other families whose children were in the care of this woman.  I pray that your children are okay and you find some peace.

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Romeocat said:

Oh, Merri -

I got the comment that said the little one had died! What a terrible, horiffic tragedy. I truly cannot comprehend such monsters! How could anyone do this to a child?

My heart and prayers go out to those who tried to save the little one's life, and to the people who really loved little Alex.

My main comfort is that I know he is the hands of God, and he is loved, welcomed, and cherished.

-- R'cat
CatHouse Chat

Tammy said:

What a sad story. Some people just don't deserve to breathe, you know?