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He’s Not Dead (Yet)!

Colector Muerto: Bring out yer dead.

Val (BabaluBlog): Here’s one!

Colector Muerto: That’ll be ocho pesos!

Castro: I’m not dead.

Colector Muerto: What?

Val (BabaluBlog): Nothing. There’s your pesos!

Castro: I’m not dead.

Colector Muerto: He says he’s not dead.

Val (BabaluBlog): Yes he is.

Castro: I’m not.

Colector Muerto: He isn’t.

Val (BabaluBlog): Well, he will be soon, he’s very ill.

Castro: I’m getting better!!

Val (BabaluBlog): No you’re not, you’ll be stone dead in a moment.

Colector Muerto: Well, I can’t take him like that. It’s against regulations.

Castro: I don’t want to go on the cart. I’m a DICTATOR for chrissakes!

Val (BabaluBlog): Oh, don’t be such a baby.

Colector Muerto: I can’t take him.

Castro: I feel fine.

Val (BabaluBlog): Oh, do me a favor.

Colector Muerto: I can’t.

Val (BabaluBlog): Well, can you hang around for a couple of minutes? He won’t be long.

Colector Muerto: I promised I’d be at the Miami celebration. They have mojitos there!

Val (BabaluBlog): Well, when is the celebration?

Colector Muerto: Thursday.

Castro: I think I’ll go for a walk. Maybe I’ll see Elian Gonzales. Love that kid!

Val (BabaluBlog): You’re not fooling anyone, you know. Isn’t there anything you could do?

Castro: I feel happy. I feel happy. I’m a dictator! I own Cuba!

[Colector Muerto looks up and down the street then hits Castro over the head with his club]

Val (BabaluBlog): Ah, thank you very much.

Colector Muerto: Not at all. See you on Thursday.

Val (BabaluBlog): Right.


You are nuts & wierd, but very funny!

Nancy said:

Can you believe this goofball? He's assuring his "people" that although he's temporarily ceded power to his brother, "his" country would be safe against any US attacks. Just what the hell does he mean by that? I didn't know that we were poised?

ptg said:

Good one!
Who's that, then? I dunno, must be a Dictator. Why? He hasn't got shit all over him.

Chris said:

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! That was hilarious!

What else???? Let's see...Saddam and the "I'm not a witch, I'm NOT a witch" bit.

Great job....funny stuff.

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