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Happy Ball & Chain Day, My Love!

My dear hubby,

Your post about our 10th anniversary today was, well, amazing.  We *have* come a long way, haven’t we?  We’ve been through so much, you and I, and through it all you have been the strength I’ve needed.  There are many women in the world that look to their husband as an "equal partner."  Call me old fashioned, but one major reason I fell in love with you is that I knew you would be my strength, my rock.  I don’t always want to be "equal partners (okay, maybe with the exception of the household chores…hehehe)."  I love that you pamper me, that you tell me what’s important, that you take care of me when I need it most.  When Bradley was coming almost 2 months early, I needed to look in your face to make sure things were going to be okay.  When I’ve had health issues, you took care of me on the days I don’t think I even knew my own name.  When my mom got sick and was dying, yours was the only strength I had on many legs of that journey.

Ours was definitely a union of fate - we lived two doors away from each other, yet it took AOL to bring us together.  I remember that first Christmas after we met.  I didn’t want to really celebrate as the prior year had been so bad.  But you got me through it, and I actually enjoyed that Christmas:  Mannheim Steamroller and Champagne and Christmas lights.  And with tremendous debt and not much incoming money, we entered into this marriage.  Ten years has brought us two beautiful and amazing children, a home and much more financial stability than I imagined 10 years ago.

I know you walk around in my brain and my heart regularly.  You have endured "the rat" Chi Chi even though he seems to hate you.  You rushed out to buy Winston when I was heartbroken when Stanley died.  When Cosmo escaped, you made Bradley happy again by buying Wanda.    Standing in front of the fountains at the Bellagio, you know I got emotional.  Honey, it was at that moment that I was overwhelmed at how happy I was and how much in love with you I still am.  There have been a number of points in our marriage, particularly early on, that I felt that I needed you.  But I have recognized over time that I don’t need you.  I want you.  And at that moment in front of the fountains, I wanted you more than I have ever felt before.

I could write forever and ever in a feeble attempt to put into writing how much I love you, but it wouldn’t do my feelings any justice.  Just know that I love you with my entire being and will do everything I can to make our 2nd ten years even better than our first.

I love you, Honey!


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Jay said:

Happy anniversary!

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