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Hanoi Jane At It Again

Traderrob gives us an update of that wacky gal, Hanoi Jane, and her antics.  In a nutshell, she’s up to her old tricks, disrespecting our men and women in uniform (hmmm…not to mention America, the country that has afforded her the opportunities to pursue her life-long dreams and make her lots of money). 

Piss on Jane Fonda.  No, really, you can!  Go here to get Jane Fonda urinal stickers.  Get those and you can literally piss on her.  If she hates the American way so much, she should pack up her exercise tapes and her unsold books and leave.  Jane, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Michael said:

Never forget, Never forgive...
the traitor bitch

Merri said:

Yep....obviously she'll never forget how much she hates this country. Only apologizes in the hopes it will increase book sales, then goes back to her own ways.

Cao said:

BYATCH! I can't stand her. To think I used to exercise to her tapes. NOT ANYMORE! I don't support or fund any latte sipping elitist lying scumbag communists!

Merri said:

You go, Cao! I know what you mean. She's right up there with all the other Hollywood liberal bullshitters who seem to really hate America and all it is about, but turn around and suck the American entertainment industry for their few million dollars (or many millions of dollars in some cases). I think Jane should take her own advise, and that of her ex, move to Canada.