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Gin for Sixth Graders?

Let’s see…I’ve heard teachers bitch about “Leave No Child Behind” but didn’t know that meant taking them to the bar….

AKRON, Ohio — Officials in Ohio said they’ll investigate reports that students at a charter school were served gin at their sixth-grade graduation.

School authorities said that four students were given a teaspoon of gin mixed with water at a ceremony at the school in Akron this week.

In a day and age where there are so many groups evangelizing the need to keep kids away from alcohol (D.A.R.E., M.A.D.D. to name two), school officials think it’s okay to serve booze to kids graduating sixth grade? Oh…..never mind. Now I’m seeing the ticket to ride….

A school official said the ritual — meant to teach honesty — is similar to an African rite of passage. He reports the kids spit out the gin.

So…the fact that it was proclaimed to be an African rite of passage - paired with the fact that they spit it out - makes it okay? Um, is that anything like Bubba Clinton’s proclamation that he didn’t inhale? Oh, yeah, the whole rite of passage is supposed to teach honesty. HONESTLY!!!! What’s next….pot so they can open up and free their artful expression? Really!

ptg said:

We never had any African rituals at my school. I had to get my liquor on the street. Was I deprived?

Merri said:

Well, you probably have no cultural awareness, but that's okay, because you taught yourself how to self-medicate! Ha!

Cathy said:

Crap... back in my day down here in Cincinnati, we had to have a fake I.D.... obviously we were in the wrong school district....

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