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Evil on Earth

This story comes by way of The Rott, yet another story of pure evil involving yet another sick bastard who thinks it is okay to abuse, then murder a child (Misha put together some excellent thoughts on the whole thing). My hubby knows this stuff gets me wound tight, but in this case I was actually going to avoid posting on it all together as there isn’t much else that can be said but “fry the bastard.” But as I stewed on it, I feel that isn’t entirely true. Read on, especially if you are polishing your hand gun and live in Ohio:

WAYNESBURG - A Canton man has been charged with the rape and murder of a 7-month-old infant he was baby-sitting.

Police said Henry A. Sunderman, 32, of 3117 Tuscarawas St. W, Apt. A-3, in Canton, raped and killed his niece, Zoey Sunderman, on Friday. Sunderman was baby-sitting the girl, her two sisters and a brother.

Zoey was the youngest.

This bastard *raped* a 7-month-old baby…his NIECE. While 3 other children were present!!!

She was pronounced dead at Akron Children’s Hospital at 2:02 p.m. Friday. The Summit County medical examiner was doing an autopsy Saturday; it said the case was under investigation and did not release a cause of death. But Stark County Jail records said Sunderman admitted he had penetrated the baby’s anus with his finger, “causing severe tearing and trauma, resulting in the death of the victim.”

Amazingly enough, it was the rat bastard of a child molester who decided to call an ambulance, but it was too late. This little one was barely crawling, maybe standing and now she’s gone.

I go back to my rants of posts past. Yeah, “Uncle” Henry admitted to doing this awful thing to this baby. But why would the mother of these children think it is okay to leave her darling children to babysit him when he has a criminal record including crimes of drunk driving, menacing, criminal damaging and endangering, domestic violence and solicitation charges (also five convictions for disorderly conduct by intoxication)? Just his record on intoxication would be enough for me to stay home or find another sitter. But throw in endangering and domestic violence and you’ve got your regular boogey man.

Don’t misunderstand, I feel terrible that the mother lost her daughter and I cannot possibly fathom what she is going through because of her loss. But I can’t help but think she knew this man was not the best caregiver for her children given his rap sheet. But she’s apparently blinded to it as it seems to run in the family:

Court records show their father, Henry Sunderman’s brother, David, was sent to Lorain Correctional Institution on Feb. 27 for failing to comply with police and operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or a combination.

I can’t help but wonder whether it’s time for someone to get the rest of the kids out of that seemingly troubled situation and into a place that is safer.

For Uncle Henry? It’s simple. Just before a full-on gunshot wound to the head, a nice, dull rusty knife to the man parts. This bastard doesn’t deserve one more breath.

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Miss Fire said:

Wow. Usually, I waffle on the death penalty, but
in this case, I agree - Fry the Bastard!

Really enjoy your site!

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