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Dual-Sex Fish in Potomac Raise Safety Questions for D.C. Area Water System

WASHINGTON Scientists say more dual-sex fish are swimming in the Potomac River — and the cause may be pollution.

The fish with both male and female characteristics have been discovered in the rivers and streams around the nation’s capital. And that’s spawning questions about the impact of contaminants on the millions who drink the tap water.

Pollution….who’da thunk?

The general manager of the water-filtering Washington Aqueduct says he doesn’t think anybody has the answer right now. But he says there’s no evidence that tap water from the Potomac is unsafe.

Isn’t that what the water-filtering is supposed to do?

Scientists say humans should be less susceptible to pollutants, anyway, because they have larger bodies and different hormone systems. And unlike fish, they aren’t constantly immersed in water.

What an absolutely profound statement! I mean, who knew; we’re BIGGER than (most) fish, have different hormones and we don’t live submerged in water! What the report doesn’t say is that 100% of the fish tested were found to have extreme liberal tendancies.

Vinnie said:

But how do you explain N.O.W.?

They're bigger than most fish, have different hormones, but yet in places smell just like a fish in the Potomac.

And look at Barbra Streisand. She has fish eyes.

Angela said:

Oh how funny!! :razz:

Rob said:

Water in every metro area has some degree of hormonal pollution. It is bad in the SF Bay Area and folks are wondering if it is a cause for increased breast cancer.

The source of hormones? The Pill and all of the hormone therapies we overuse.

Concentrate people, concentrate their problems....

Nancy said:

N.O.W. people have completely different hormones than any average woman I know and their "ideals" certainly are stinky.

ROTFL about liberal fish!

ptg said:

Could these same polluted waters explain why there are so many humans exhibiting both male and female characteristcs in the Washington, D.C. area and in San Francisco?

Chris said:

It's not contamination.....it's evolution! Just like those Scopes Monkeys that went on trial! (lol)

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