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Concealed Carry Passed by Omaha City Council

Hubby says I get to go shoppin’ ….and not only for a gun, but for a new Coach bag to put it in. Woot!

OMAHA, Neb. — The scramble to prepare for a new weapons law in Omaha has started at area businesses.

The Omaha City Council passed an ordinance on Tuesday that will allow people to legally carry concealed guns when a new state law takes effect on Jan. 1. There are exceptions, including places where the business owner or the person in charge of the property decides to ban weapons.

Mayor Mike Fahey has said he will veto the ordinance, but with a 5-2 vote out of the council, there are enough votes to override a veto.

Nyah, nyah, nyah Fahey. Of course you don’t understand. I’ll bet you never got followed off the interstate when you were coming home from work at 2am, huh?

Nancy Stroosnyder said:

A new Coach bag to boot! You'll be a CLASSY packin' mama! Good for you!!!

Beth said:

AIIEEEE!!! A new gun AND a new Coachie bag! I'm JEALOUS!!!!

So, is it a big, scary, long-barreled, 'Dirty Harry' revolver?

diva said:

Merri, Let me know if you find a cute purse that works well with your new gun. I have a Smith & Wesson Airlite revolver and the darned thing doesn't fit in any of the purse holsters that I've seen at the gun shows or stores. Right now it lives in the middle pocket of my tote bag but I am desperate to find a nice handbag that has a place specific for the revolver.

Good thing your city is allowing concealed weapons - what's the use of having a weapon if you can't take it with you when you leave the home? It's not like crime only happens at home. UGH! Politicians can be such idiots :evil:

Who gets followed off the interstate at 2am? Must be a middle-America thing.

ptg said:


Claire said:

Last time I was at a show, they were showing nice bags, lovely leather, made just for this purpose. Nice hidden pocket in the middle.

*sigh* What a lovely place you live.

Lou said:

Diva - You are right when you say politicians can be such idiots. And they are especially when it comes to gun laws. The point that they do not understand is that the bad guy gets a gun no matter what the law says. And there is nothing law makers can do to stop them from obtaining guns.

Every time the politicians "wave their magic wand" they take away more of our freedom!

Is there such a thing as color coordinating a coach bag with a hand gun?

Merri said:

Lou - dunno if people have color coordinated their Coach bag with their gun, but I'd coordinate the hardware on the bag with the gun. Heh. :-D

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