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Can We All “Coexist?”

My dear readers - I need your input. I saw a bumper sticker on the way home from work and I want your opinions….would you put one of these on your bumper? Why do you feel that way?

This is the one I actually saw:

The symbols on this one are the Muslim Crescent/Star, Peace Sign, Man & Woman, the Jewish Star of David, Baha’i Star, Taoist Yin Yang and a cross representing Christianity.

Then I found this one on the ‘nets at “Stamp and Shout” (I won’t link, but it’s pretty easy to get there if you want to look):

Slightly different symbols: Islam crescent/star ; pentagram for Wicca; relativity formula standing for science; star of David for Judaism; the Karma Wheel on the ‘i’ representing Buddhism; Tao symbol; and the cross for Chrisitianity.

Talk amongst yourselves….topic….”Coexist!”

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Hubby said:

Typical leftist feel-goodism. Try selling that in Saudi Arabia or Iran, idiots.

Oh, and we do all "co-exist."

Problem is, some just can't stand the rest of us existing.

This bumper sticker is a perfect example of how out of touch the "reality based community" is with reality.

Nigel said:

1. No

2. Hell No

Morons who put that on their car do not understand any of the "faiths" represented on it.

I'll only touch on the first one...Islam. If you can get them to "coexist", then we can talk...

Merri said:

I'll second that, Nigel.

Okay....so when I saw it I was immediately pissed off...and it was because of the symbol for Islam. It doesn't even matter what my faith is....if I'm Wiccan in America, they want me dead. If I'm Christian in America, they want me dead. If I'm an atheist in America...dead. If I like science and I'm American...DEAD!

Moronic, idiotic and on the bumper of some hippie's Prius (no, really!). ...and I suspect a tree was killed in the making of that bumper sticker, no?

Nancy Stroosnyder said:

I agree....we ARE co-existing. Trouble is, AMERICA was founded with its base in Christianity. This bumper sticker was the obvious creation of the same damned leftists that will soon be installing footbaths at my University of Michigan. The lefties site "health concerns" because the 'slamist's were washing their feet in the handwash sinks. I say show them the nearest Dollar General where they can pick up supplies of Handi-Wipes. What's next? Incense burners for the Buddhists? Candles for the Wiccans? Heaven forbid WE should ask for kneeling benches. Damn the appeasers!

ptg said:

Can't we all just ignore one another? And stifle those cats as won't let us ignore them?

Joseph said:

Yes, I would put one on my vehicle. To say that all Islams want us dead is to correlate all Germans with Hitler. It isn't about religion, it's about the people who came to power within that religion. They don't represent the religion itself, they represent their own interpretation. Just as each Christian religion represents it's own interpretation of the bible.
Those of you who say we do coexist, go back and read your own comments. Your comments are as provoking as "their" actions. The United States was not founded on Christianity, it was founded on Freedom of religion. There are Islams, Buddhists, Wiccans, Jews, Atheists and any other religion you can name serving in the military. Against the Terrorists. Not against the religious. And the bumper sticker was probably made with recycled material.

Nancy Stroosnyder said:

Oh, Joseph....what is the ONLY religion that wants all other religions suppressed? Isn't that mandated in their Koran? Hello?

How is it the Muslims can force U of M to install footbaths to accomodate their religion, but everyone is up in arms if a Christian group should want a prayer room? How is that co-existing?

How can you be so ignorant as to say it's not about religion? You might want to get a clue or two before it's too late.

Joseph said:

"If anyone harms (others), God will harm him, and if anyone shows hostility to others, God will show hostility to him." Sunan of Abu-Dawood, Hadith 1625

Does that sound like a religion that wants to suppress others? No, it sounds like a religion that would "co-exist." If you want an example of suppression what about the Crusades? And Hitler? There was an awful lot of suppression going on there by whom? Oh wait, that was Christians, wasn't it?
Now about your footbaths. Would you rather they wash their feet in your sink? Is that not what they are currently doing? Is that not co-existing? It is my guess that a "Christian" had an issue with feet being washed in the sinks which instigated the footbath installation.
I said it is about a few who came to power WITHIN the Islam religion that we are fighting as TERRORISTS. I will get a clue as soon as you gain some reading comprehension.

ptg said:

I think it is safe to say that *real Americans* are among the most tolerant people on earth, no matter what their religious beliefs may be. It also is pretty clear that most of our religions have engaged in some form of intolerance, even wickedness, at some time in the past. The operative word here is "past"; Catholics had the inquisition, Protestants their witch trials, and so on. Like other uncivilized and brutish behaviors that were once the norm, the rationale for these nasty ways have fallen to modern enlightenment and been left behind by the general progress of human civilization.

Fundamentalist Islam, in contrast, would revive those beastly old ways in a misguided effort to undo the civilizing effects of the last thousand years. This desire to return to old ways isn't, in and of itself, intolerable: look at the Amish, the Orthodox Jews, and those who would bring back the Latin Mass. The difference: going without electricity and speaking dead languages poses no threat to non-believers. This can't be said for the Moslems; what they want to bring back from the past includes barbarian behavior the rest of us forsook for modern tolerance.

As I said, Americans are tolerant to a fault. Joseph represents that fault line.

Angela said:

The one true God is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross to save us all from our sins so that whoever believes in Him will have life ever lasting. Period. No, I would NOT put a bumper sticker like that on my car. I wouldn't put a bumper sticker like that on my car even if you paid me. Can we co-exist? Well, do we really have a choice? No, we don't. But, that is no reason to go around wanting people dead either.

Merri said:

Alright, Joseph...let's set aside whether or not all islams want us dead; instead, let's just address the co-existence part, because that's what the bumper sticker is all about. It's obvious there is no "co-existence" with islam - they simply won't allow it. Show us one church, just one, in a moslem country. Whoops...you can't. Why? Because there aren't any. Not one church or temple, or *any* building dedicated for worship of any religion...none other than islam.

In fact, if you are Christian and in a moslem country, they will arrest you if you get caught practicing your religion...oh, and when they catch you, they lock you up and beat you and - yes - sometimes they kill you. Why? Because Christianity is banned in moslem countries, along with all other religions, except for islam.

But, its not just Christians when it comes to islam and religious persecution...they are all inclusive. Christians, Jews, Buddhist, it doesn't matter. In fact, you can't be an atheist in a moslem country either. In Indonesia, they are busy killing Buddhists, as well as Christians. In Saudi Arabia, they lash you in public for being Christian. If you're moslem and you make a decision to change your religion....guess what?!?!? They'll kill you. In Iraq, the Sunni are killing the Shiites, and the Shiites are killing the Sunnis.

Oh and a very wise friend of mine also reminded me that we shouldn't forget that the only reason why islam appears to co-exist in non-moslem countries is because they don't have the majority. Their goal is to have the majority, and once they have the majority, then the country will be a moslem country. And once its a moslem country, well...

So much for co-existence with islam.

Hubby said:

Oh, Joseph, don't even get into the hadith (the oral traditions of Mohammed). Let's get it straight from the original source, the Koran. What Mohammedans consider the absolute word of Allah as spoken to Mohammed via the angel Gabriel.

Sura 9:29

Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

Sura 9:30

The Jews call 'Uzair a son of Allah, and the Christians call Christ the son of Allah. That is a saying from their mouth; (in this) they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say. Allah's curse be on them: how they are deluded away from the Truth!

Does that sound like a religion that wants to suppress others? Why, yes, yes it does.

Merri said:

To: "armyant,"

If you have an education that allows you to read, read where it says: "Please note: Comments may be moderated. It may take a while for them to show on the page. [yes, at the bottom of every comment you made!!!)" Unlike you, I have a life and haven't been sitting on the computer all weekend anxiously awaiting your comments so I could approve them.

Calling my husband and I "ignorant and hypocrites" and my husband a "has been" (yes, your words!) has just caused me to delete every one of your comments so they will NEVER be on here...no one to blame but YOU. I own this blog [NOT YOU] and would have had no issue putting up one of your lengthy comments about peace and love and all that. Oh happy day for you that you have such a life that you and your man can wear mixed religious symbols around your neck...I'm thrilled you bought your bumper sticker, t-shirts, etc! But when you call me and my husband names after you say we should all co-exist in peace, who is the *real* hypocrite?

*oh, and for the record, because I know what you'll say next, this isn't censorship or me not giving you a right to free speech. I OWN THIS BLOG AND CONTROL WHAT IS ON IT. You have every right to start your own blog somewhere else. I don't owe you a thing.

armyant said:

You're right, but you can't even admit that you are wrong to feel and think about this subject and to encourage it. That is what makes you what you are. You say you support our soilders but yet over 45 percent of our armed forces are muslims. i have had a man who was muslim that saved my husbands life in Iraq, that was a Marine. This blog my be yours but you need to be much more careful in your topic of choice. I have read some of your other blogs, it is funny when someone disagrees with you. Your husband comes and fights your fights as if you have no idea or a clue. You may not post this comment but you will read it. You are afraid to allow someone who has a different opinions post thier thoughts. You have done it in the past. You had done it with the Kevorkian topic.

Hubby said:

armytwat, you have some serious issues with math.

Out of 1,426,713 active duty military members, approximately 10 - 20,000 are Muslim.

That's not 45%, it's not even 4.5%, it's .01, or one one hundredth per cent of the military.

As far as me fighting my wife's battles, please. All that suggests is that you're a fucking liar, and you're probably not even married.

Spouses back each other up.

If you really are married, armyant, are you saying you wouldn't want your husband to help you it if you're attacked? Would you be content to let him watch you if you're being raped? Hm? After all, husbands shouldn't fight their spouses battles, now should they.

Stupid fucking driveby troll tool. Ripping your argument to shreds was about the easiest thing I've done all week.

Merri said:

I'm publishing your latest comment, armyant, so people can see how completely out there and inaccurate you really are.

1) First of all, I'd love to know where you got that almost half of the U.S. armed services is muslim. Again, I have to question your ability to read. Given there are 10-20K muslims in the military (that number is listed at the DOD) and given that active military stands at close to 1.5 million (not including reservists), my calculator comes closer to well, less than 1%.

2) It doesn't go without saying that it's good that a soldier would save your husband's life in the military. That *is* what they are taught to do in the military and would want their life saved in kind, should the time come. It doesn't matter what religion or ethnic background a soldier has.

3) While we are on the subject, I had hoped someone in the comments would bring up the fact that all these bumper stickers do is call out differences. I'm American first...why is there always a need to point out all of the differences we have...let's just celebrate being Americans...shouldn't that bring us together? If I hadn't have been interested in opinions on this subject, I wouldn't have published Joseph's 2 comments. Are you saying that we Americans can have feelings and thoughts on a subject only if it is aligned with your beliefs? Pretty pretentious of you'd I'd say. I remind you that the only reason your comment was not published was because you chose to be less than civil by calling me and my husband names because I didn't publish your 4 repeat comments as quick as you wanted. Had you been more along the lines of rational thought, I would have had no issue publishing your comment.

4) My blog can list any topic I choose to publish. I don't have to be careful, other than when it is legally prudent. Why would I take advice from you? Obviously you don't read, don't do your research and I'm thinking your math skills may a bit rusty as well. ...and now you tell me I have more than one blog? That's news to me!

5) I bet it just irritates the hell out of you that I have someone - in particular someone I love very, very much - who comes and defends my thoughts on occasion. Doesn't it just tick you off that not only my husband, but others do it as well? Is it lonely on your island, when there aren't many that will come defend your inaccurate statements? Well, instead of pointing the finger outward, perhaps you should turn it around and look inward for a bit.

...oh, and about Kevorkian. He's a murderer, plain and simple. I don't give a SHIT what others might think. I lost two very close loved ones to terminal illness and would have NEVER wanted them to be in any pain, but would have never allowed someone to come murder them, no matter what.

armyant said:

Guys, the two of you are ill and need mental help.. i am married. my last two comments states that. Well i guess you can't read nither. and my husband is in the intel with the military. and the numbers are very acturat. Your husband was only an E-3 in the Navy. That tells you how much i know. for your husband to talk about rape and getting off the subject about fights. Man he is sick. My husband is ten times the man. I would figure you both would be more intelligent to words not profanty. It just shows that your third grade mantality and inbreeding can't think of much to say about your country and the people that fights for your rights.
Merri, you need help, you would reither post your husbands foul language. Plain and simple, you are communist. Are you afraid to post all of my comments.

Beth said:

"Armyant," you ignorant slut, I'll second what Vinnie and Merri said, and as a military retiree, I will state FIRMLY that you are an absolutely ridiculous fool and a liar if you think 45% of the US military is moslem. In what parallel fantasy (of yours) universe are you living, anyway?
You make me laugh. Silly little twat.

You fail. At life.

Hubby said:

E-3? Yeah, after Basic.


That's fucking funny.

The difference between what you think you know and what you really know is a vast chasm.

Merri said:

Not afraid at all, armyant. Your misspellings and nonsensical comments speak for themselves.

Beth said:

Also, "armyant," please keep bleating, because your illiteracy is making me laugh my ass off!

Beth said:

Hey armyant: Mohammed was a fucking lunatic who made up a fake religion while having a psychotic episode. The proof's in the pudding, you silly sack o'shit--marrying a six year-old, waiting until she was the ripe old age of nine before raping her (how generous!), and with that silly plagiarized bunch of shit he wrote (which I use as a footrest, thanks to the generosity of CAIR's free copy).

I think in your honor, I'll rip out a few pages to line my cats' litterbox.

ptg said:

May I take a swipe at the ignorant troll? Ooof! Thanks!

I wonder if Juan Rubio knows what she's up to? ...

Merri said:

You go ahead, PTG....although, since I'm [ahem] communist and all, I may, er, have you censored and stuff.

Merri said:

...oh, and how "tolerant" and "co-existent" you are to put down any rank or role in the military. Everyone in the military serves their country, no matter their rank. You're even more superficial than I originally thought you were, armyant.

Again, who are you calling a hypocrite? Methinks you are feeding that mean ole wolf inside of you...and BOY is he full.

El Guapo said:

Methinks PTG Pwn3d the armyant.


beth said:

armyant needs to learn to spell and how to write the King's
English before lecturing someone on literacy. :roll: He/she also claims to be an American in the army (or husband in the army) yet he/she seems to forget him/herself and refers to it as 'your' military periodically.

Tsk, tsk.

Whether we co-exist doesn't seem to be up to us. We are playing nice and trying to be all-inclusive. I wonder if they realize there is a point at which we won't be so nice anymore and we are not the ones who will lose this war of ideology.

They shouldn't mistake our kindness and political correctness for weakness.

Stroosinator said:

Armyrant...which military are you with? I'm pretty sure it can't be the US, they don't accept such lunacy.

Angela said:

I guess a lot of celebs are into the coexist thing. I just posted a little something on Rick Springfield with one of those t-shirts on.

Robyn said:

Okay, here is everyone's problem


First off, it is possible for every religion to co-exist. Stop saying this religion does this or that. NO-PERIOD. Religions are essential to people, and you need to change your attitude, possibly.

Secondly, this sign is trying to promote a different way of thinking. It wants you, and everyone to look at all the differences which set us a part, and realize we all just co-exist. Get it?

Seriously, this sign is trying to promote a realization of our differences, but create action towards a more unified world and thinking.

So lets review
Do not go out and try to pin point peoples differences. Hey, they don't really matter.
Create actions within your own thinking.

So how can we do this?

And if there are any spelling errors, I encourage you to avoid leaving any comments referring to them. Thanks

Merri said:

So, Robyn, with your approach I'm supposed to embrace Islam, eh? Sorry...no can do. I'm not too interested in crashing planes into buildings...not into being forbidden from learning because I am a woman...not into being killed because as a woman I wore the wrong thing or talked out of turn. I'm not into hating people because they *don't* believe in Islam. Nope, sorry. Do I have any issues with other faiths....no (because they don't want to kill me). I learn a great deal from people who have a different faith than I do with the aforementioned exception.

Differences don't really matter, huh? Then why does every "culturally aware" person in this country want to "celebrate differences?" Why do illegal immigrants from Mexico want to fly *their* flag in America? Why do we have Black History Month? If differences don't matter, why did they make this stupid shirt anyway? You yourself say not to "pin point peoples differences" and that they "don't really matter," but you want me to understand that this shirt is trying to get "everyone to look at all the differences which set us a part." Gah....c'mon already!

So let's review. I will never buy the shirt or the bumper sticker. I have no issue with any of the religions or beliefs noted on said bumper sticker/shirt with the exception of the one made up by the pedophile who teaches to hate and murder people like me. Differences seem to matter for far more people than you give credit for (including those who created this logo).

Jaimie said:

I will have to agree with Robyn on this particular subject. Well said :) I would put this bumper sticker on my car to show that i believe that we could all co-exist... NOT to say that you should become an islam, but that you should be able to co-exist with an islamic person as well as with everyone else. If everyone had that mind set then everyone WOULD be able to coexist, without pointing out differences in the other persons religion.

Dustin said:

I have really enjoyed reading this discussion. I think the entire idea of the sticker is to promote peace, or to spark an idea in our minds that being at odds with anyone based on their beliefs is ignorance. We are all fellow human beings, why can't we all just get along.
Also take the religious symbols off of the sticker and replace them with ones dealing with race... The point of the sticker wasn't for all religious people to accept each other, that leaves all the non-religious people out. The point is for ALL people to coexist, why? becaise we are ALL human.
Unfortunately most of the people writing in this blog missed the point entirely.

Merri said:

Dustin, I think everyone gets the point. Delusional people like yourself believe that we can co-exist with people who want to behead us, crash into our buildings and hate us simply because we are Americans.

I get along with people because of who they ARE, not their race, the economic status or other such things. Why do you insist on wanting to call out differences when we should all just be getting along?

Back to your delusion...if you want to hold hands with terrorists and sing Kumbaya with them in your backyard, go right ahead.

Michael said:

This is an interesting topic. Everyone here has made points that reflect the feelings of a multitude of Americans. The bumper sticker is supposed to help us realize that these differences help make us who we are. Despite the fact that there are differences, they can unite us if we can open our hearts and minds to new ideas. Nearly every organized religion has its faults, and has committed terrible acts in the name of God, or whatever supreme power they do or do not worship. However, it would not be fair to judge all of the followers of these religions by crimes committed by some of its followers. The sins of some should never be applied to all. There are people who follow Islam that are honorable and loving people, I have been blessed to know quite a few. Similarly, if you look at Christianity, you will find people with hate in their hearts and you will find people with love in their hearts. It would be a shame to prejudge people in any way. Correct me if I am wrong about what I have read, but it seems as though prejudgements have been made of all Islamic people based on the acts of terrorists.

Merri said:

Michael - you are right in that this is an interesting topic. I have two points as I have stated throughout these comments. The first is that Islam is not the "peaceful" religion that people believe it is. Read the Koran...read the history of Mohammad, who married a six year old girl, raped her when she was nine. I don't think I should be expected to be tolerant of that. The peaceful terrorists who killed thousands of Americans (not to mention thousands of people around the world) did it in the name of their beloved Mohammad. It's not a single historical event, it is happening every day, all over the world.

My second point is this. Why is it that people feel so compelled to specifically point out the differences in people when we should really be looking at them as PEOPLE and not religions, races, sexual orientations and the like? But if we have a Black History Month, or if we have a Gay/Lesbian parade, that's okay. If we had a White History Month it would be racist. If we have a "Straight" parade we're not tolerant of others. Truly, if people focused more on similarities versus differences, the call for tolerance wouldn't be so great. Any one person can be an asshole, no matter their background. Any one person can be amazing...same story.

With that, I'm ending this thread. I think every possible point has been made that can be on this topic. Thanks all!