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Chester Arthur Stiles, Videotaped, alleged child rapist, but still a convicted douche. Coming soon to a Pound Me In The Ass Prison Near You

Chester Arthur Stiles, the man identified in a videotape “allegedly” raping a three year old girl, has been arrested by police.

LAS VEGAS - Police said late Monday they had arrested Chester “Chet” Arthur Stiles, the man accused of videotaping himself while raping a 3-year-old girl.

So much for his ex-girlfriend’s claim that he’d “never be taken alive by the police.”

And what a pity it is that he was taken alive by the police. On the other hand, if convicted and sent to prison, we have the gratification of knowing that he’ll be on the receiving end of the horrors he visited (allegedly, conveniently videotaped) on a three year old girl.

Nigel said:


I thought about you and Vinnie when I heard the news on the radio last night. Thanks for keeping this creep front and center...

I know...I'm supposed to have Christian forgiveness and mercy in my heart. However, all I feel toward this guy is contempt and anger...and a wish that he gets rough, non-lubricated prison loving every hour for the rest of his miserable life.

This guy is proof that despite what any liberal will tell you, there is evil in this world.

Merri said:


I supposed to have Christian forgiveness and mercy as well, so I get what you are saying. I think he also deserves a punishment that fits this extremely disgusting crime. I know he'll receive his ultimate judgment at the end of his miserable perverted life, so that's my ultimate saving grace. In the meantime, though, some properly placed punishment wouldn't hurt. What a pig of a human being, if he could even be called that. No human would do what he did to that child.

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