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Blogs 4 Bauer

How could I resist joining a web ring for 24 fanatics? Hubby did, and he has a picture of Kim posted. Um, isn’t she like 12 or something? Me, I go for Jack…eye candy, ain’t he?


Jo said:

I always counter post against Kim whenever one of the guys over there posts about her. LOL .. My bit on last nights show is up btw. Don't you just love this show? I'm putting them on DVDs for hubby and his buddies to watch in Afghanistan.

Merri said:

I *love* this show. I'm looking foward to seasons 3 and 4. I'll swing over to your place Jo. :-) The more non-Kim posting the better. Hehehehehehehehehe!

Sadie said:

Sigh. i'll always remerber him from The Lost Boys.