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Andrea Yates and Other Criminals

As I’m sure everyone has heard, Andrea Yates, who decided to meticulously drown all of her children is now pleading "innocent" by reason of insanity.

During her original trial, jurors rejected Yates’ insanity defense and found her guilty for the 2001 deaths of three of the children drowned in the family bathtub: 7-year-old Noah, 5-year-old John and the youngest, 6-month-old Mary.

Evidence was presented about the drownings of the other two children — Paul, 3, and Luke, 2 — but Yates was not charged in their deaths.

Yates was convicted of two capital murder charges and sentenced to life in prison.

As I’m sure you heard that her original conviction was overturned and we now will start the circus all over again.  I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but AGAIN there’s more worry about this less than human being than the 5 children - her OWN children - that she stalked, and methodically drown one-by-one.  Noah, John, Mary, Paul and Luke certainly have no say, do they?

I’m all for assuring this pig of a human being never sees the light of day, but it’s a tragedy that this has to play out again and will be "media’d" into the ground.  We will hear it over and over…but will it be about the kids she slaughtered?  NO…it will be about poor Andrea Yates. 

Just when I think I can’t be disgusted any more, my hubby throws this link over my way:

Omaha police said a 4-week-old girl was treated Friday at Creighton University Medical Center for multiple fractures to both of her legs.

The media, in all of their brilliance, report that it appears to be abuse.  No, really?  I thought maybe she played a spirited game of rugby and suffered a bit of a fall.  Of COURSE it should be treated as potential abuse…this little one is only 4-weeks old.  What insane piece of human waste could do this to a child?  I can only wait patiently to see how this will turn out.  But I predict, somehow, that the law will be more in the interest of the criminal versus the well being of the child.  Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Update:  The infant in the last story is actually 4-months old, but it doesn’t change the fact that she was abused.  Guess who is charged?  The baby’s "mom" whose name is Anna Mis-Guiterrez.  A mother, breaking her four-month-old little girl’s legs.  What did this innocent little girl do to deseve it?  Nothing.  Will this woman, should she be convicted, get a just sentence?  Sure hope so.

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Paula said:

Andrea Yates is a percious lady , and was a wonderful mother to her children . Much much better then many running around our country. She became MENTALLY ILL and I dont think you should be calling her a pig. lets be thankful that this journey isnt one we are on and offer her and her poor children sympathy. Its so easy to judge others for their journeys when we have no idea what its like for them. As for the light of day, id be willing to sprinkle her with the sunshine i get everyday she deserves it as much as anyone of us do. She at least will be teaching the world something about mental illness with her lifes purpose while the rest of us just sit around sucking up how easy life is for us. Just my two cents. Good day to you. Paula L.

Merri said:

So you think a woman who hunts down her kids one by and one and drowns them while looking them in the face is precious? I don't.

You're right. I have no idea what "it is like" for her - THANK GOD! But I do know her kids are dead by her own hand. I don't care if she is "mentally ill." She should be punished, or at the very least taken out of society so she doesn't inflict harm on anyone else.

You talk about what Andrea Yates deserves, but you seem to forget that each of those children deserved LIFE - something she ruthlessly took away from them. She isn't teaching the world anything - the only thing being taught here is legal wrangling. There are many with mental illness in society and they all don't murder their kids. How shameful it is of you to compare her to them. It is quite obvious that there are differences - open your eyes and quit with your dilusions already.

Paula said:

the main object of my comment wasnt so much to defend Andrea Yates but to point out how those who know nothing about mental illness are so quick to judge and preach : )

Vinnie said:

Funny, I don't recall the jury finding Andrea Yates innocent by reason of insanity.

So much for your "mental illness" theory.

Sorry, since you're obviously mentally ill, I won't judge, and then preach to you anymore, Paula.

Oh, and nice try with the assumptions that Merri doesn't know anything about mental illness.

You must be her roommate to know her so well.

Shit, there I go again. I'll let you get back to your Xanax now.

Vinnie said:

Dang, I did it again.

I am so sorry Paula, here I excoriate you for making assumptions, and then do it myself.

Obviously, you're not mentally ill.

You're just 'tarded.

Sorry. Sorry.

I mean "special."