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And I Quote: “Small Sex Offender Listed As Big Risk”

Most of you remember the story of the notorious 5′1″ sex offender, Richard Thompson, and his favorite fan and judge Kristine Cecava. If you need a refresher, you can stop over here. The “Cliff’s Notes” version: Judge Cecava felt sorry for shorty, who happens to be a pedophile (sex offender, child molester, etc.) and chose to give him PROBATION because he might be picked on in the prison yard for being a little guy. The story made national news and put my state of Nebraska on the map…nice, huh? Anyway, the sentence is being appealed by Attorney General Jon Bruning. ..and now, an update.

The title of this post was a very fitting headline over at KETV for good reason. The State Patrol has classified Thompson as a Class Three offender, which has the highest risk to reoffend.

As a Class Three offender, Thompson’s name, address and photo are posted on the State Patrol’s public registry and he must notify the state, through the local sheriff, of any change of address and other information.

Attorney General Jon Bruning’s office has filed an appeal of Thompson’s probation sentence.

The judge’s decision not to imprison Thompson brought local and national criticism.

C’mon judicial system. Do the right thing here. Keep this predator off the street away from kids.

Plains Feeder linked with 'Too Short for Jail' Molester Gets Class III Sex

'Too Short for Jail' Molester Gets Class III Sex

At least his mug will be enshrined on the internets at the Nebraska State Patrol Sex Offender Registry. I guess that is a good thing.

Chris said:

This was one of the most ridiculous miscarriages of justice ever.

Nancy Stroosnyder said:

I would think that he would be safer in prison. Now with his mug and address posted....well, I know what I might do had that been MY child.

kc said:

Too Small? Really? How big he must have appearred to his victims!
Judge wants to leave him out of jail? I got 2 words......Smith & Wesson!...........Any Questions?

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