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An ACLU Meme

So, Teach over at Pirate’s Cove tagged me for a meme that’s right up my alley: my, um, love for the ACLU.  Here’s the sordid details:

“If you could hang a sign on the ACLU building to …draw attention to it, what would you put on your sign?�

So…to answer this question:

Okay - so not the best photoshop - but I’m no expert.  You get the point, though.  Heh.

I have to think of who I’d like to tag with this one.  But even if I don’t tag you, feel free to have a little fun!

Oh - and Teach, thanks for talking up my site - flattery will get you everywhere!  Hehehehehehe!

Oh, and while we are talking about the ACLU - stop over at Jay’s - he’s having a trackback party!

Pirate's Cove linked with ACLU: What's Your Sign?
David said:

GREAT sign! Very much along the lines of my original here:


One thing: Teach neglected to mention the links list and trackback portion of the meme:

"...Next, I’m asking that each of them tag five.

Then (he says with a wink), those who respond add their name and a link to their post to the bottom of the list below. Trackback either to this post or to the post of the person who tagged you. Don’t take names off the top, cos I want to find out how far this one goes..."

Easier to follow the evolution of the thing, and more and more folks'll get exposure to your blog via the linklist if ya just play along a lil.

Oh, and if I can, this'll help me compile a list of all the signs for a Stop the ACLU thing that Jay or John might want to play with a bit there.

Thanks again for a really great sign!

ACLU: What's Your Sign?

THM's Bacon Bits tagged me with this sorta meme, which, being anti-ACLU, is quite cool (though, I am usually just fine with doing most meme's). David from Third World County started it off with this question:“If you could hang a