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America’s got talent

Now because Merri asked me to help pick up the slack while she was having a fun-filled magical time in Orlando with her family, I have lifted my self-imposed boycott of the news. So instead of being blissfully uninformed (because honestly, doesn’t everyone just need a break sometimes?), I actually know what’s going on around the world. After scouring news article after news article to find just the right one for Merri’s lovely page and after pondering political prose (wow, look at that alliteration) … I have finally found the most important and relevant thing going on in America right now!

America’s Got Talent premieres tonight on NBC. Who wouldn’t love a TV show that brings all of the gong show rejects into one building? It is like manna from heaven. I can’t wait.

… what? Troops being arrested? Saddam on another hunger strike? Idiotic Democrats? Yes, I guess those are all “important and relevant” too…

But did I mention that David Hasselhoff was a judge on America’s Got Talent?! How could this TV show go wrong?

Sigh. Isn’t denial grand?

Nancy Stroosnyder said:

Shore 'nough.....America's Got Talent.....as the entire world gets ready to kick back, watch and wonder just what the hell's wrong with those American's!

I love this blog and Merri has the BEST "fill-in's" for when she's out!

Great job!

Jody said:

haha thanks Nancy, though I'm pretty sure with a post like that one, Merri will never let me blogsit again! :)

Jayme said:

Well, what did you think of the new show? It is a place for rejects to gather?

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