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American Idol: I Learned A New Genre Today!

My dear friend Beth twisted my arm suggested that we should sit down and watch “American Idol.” I have never seen the show before, and because I trust Beth’s taste in television programs and her taste in talented musical artists BETH, CREED IS AWESOME DAMMIT, I chose to watch this fine scary show tonight. To say that I want 2 hours of my life back is, well, an understatement. But I did get one thing out of all of this. I learned a new genre of music suckitude tonight. “Urban Amish.” Yes, that’s right. “Urban Amish.”

Because I know that Beth loves this show, and because I know how much she loves this new style of music, I took a screen shot from the show. She may have missed it, so here it is, so she can print it and keep it next to her pillow.

(picture from the AI website).

Beth…I love ya, but you REALLY do need to start blogging about ‘24.’

P.S. You watching AI tomorrow? Seattle, isn’t it?!?!?!? I can‘t hardly wait! For what it is worth, Vinnie LOVED the show!

Beth said:


Urban Amish!!!! is teh r0xx0rz!!11!

Did you know you can tell any joke about the Amish on teh interwebs and not piss them off? They don't use computers, so they'll never know!

Yeah, I'm watching the Seattle sludge tonight. I might have to get good 'n' drunk first, though. :razz:

BTW, I did watch 24 the other night. I just have a LOT of catching up to do, I think.

Beth! Tsk, tsk...

What does "teh" mean?

I hope it's nothing naughty.

Beth said:

teh = the
(in obnoxious geek speak)

Chris said:

Do you think that dude was real? I wondered if he was just trying to get on TV with a fake get up.

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