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AMEN, Brother!

Oklahoma Lawmaker Objects to Getting Koran as Gift
Monday, October 22, 2007

OKLAHOMA CITY — An Oklahoma lawmaker is objecting to getting a copy of the Koran from the Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Council.

“I object to the use of the state Centennial Seal and the state Seal all in an effort to further their religion,” state Representative Rex Duncan said Monday.

As well he should!

Duncan also wrote his colleagues that he rejected the gift because “most Oklahomans do not endorse the idea of killing innocent women and children in the name of ideology.”

Most HUMANS do not endorse the idea of killing innocent women and children in the name of ideology!

Marjaneh Seirafi-Pour, chairwoman of the governor’s council and a Muslim, said she received a call from Duncan wondering whether state money was used to buy the books.

She told the Tulsa World newspaper that members of the Muslim community paid for the copies.

A reasonable question. Lord knows you can’t use taxpayer dollars to purchase Bibles!

“We are not trying to force anything on anyone. This is a peaceful, thoughtful project to introduce ourselves to leaders,” she said.

The “peaceful” religion….and don’t you F-ING forget it!

Earlier, lawmakers also received a copy of the Bible sponsored by The Baptist General Convention in Oklahoma.

“Mine is proudly on my desk on the Capitol and I don’t think I ever read a part of it that condones the killing of women and children in furtherance of God’s word,” Duncan said. “It’s one of the nicest things I’ve received in my three years in the Legislature.”

Amen, brother….amen!


I think it is a little Islamophobic to reject a gift of a religious text by the second largest religion in the world. Most Muslims don't endorse "the idea of killing innocent women and children in the name of ideology."

Merri said:

A little Islamophobia can go a long way. If that's what it takes to prevent another 9/11, I'm all for it.

Mark said:

The Koran is the 7'th century version of Mein Kampf.

Nigel said:

Most Muslims don't endorse "the idea of killing innocent women and children in the name of ideology...

Yeah, but the Koran does:

Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush...

And in case you think I am taking that out of context, check out Sura 9...

Nancy said:

AMEN, NIGEL! Talmadge East, take your "Islmophobia" and shove it!

Nigel said:

Hey Merri...I just checked out Talmadge's site. He's an "Alabama Democrat" who is a college student...

There is hope for him...he's only 23. Wait until he gets out into the real world and has the crap taxed out of him, his identity is stolen by an illegal alien, and he has to protect his children from dirtbag child predators.

Chris said:

I'm still pissed that they made Tennessee courts take the Ten Commandments down.

Michael said:

I would have to agree that the act of taking one religious text over another is hypocritical. Separation of church and state should not mean that we ignore all religions; but they should not influence policy, and we should at least show respect. I read through Sura 9, and it honestly sounded similar to the bible. It talks about idolaters in much the same way. In Sura 9, it says to hunt them down, just as the bible says to stone them. However, both texts accept the act of repentance. I think we should be careful not to judge faiths too quickly based on texts that have been translated again and again in different ways. The bible alone has been translated into English so many times (some closer to the actual Hebrew meanings than others) that you can find the same passage in two different translations that seem to say opposite things. I will not deny that some passages in the Quran sound hateful, but I will also not deny that the Bible has hateful sounding passages as well. Despite this, there is much that can be said for the Bible and the Quran, especially looked at in their historical context. Both brought order not previously seen for the people that followed these texts.

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