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Ah…So It Begins…Being a Husker is SWEET!

So, today is the season opener for my beloved Nebraska Cornhusker Football Team!

Found this nice little gem over at Hubby’s site. It got my Husker Red blood a-pumpin’!

Jerseys? Check.
Face Tattoos? Check.
Corncobhead Hats? Check.
Pompom shakers? Check.
Munchies for the game? Check.
Sanity at the door? Check.

GO BIG RED!!!!!!!!!!

Angela said:

On Saturday we watched the Texas Longhorns win their game. Afterwards, we over to watch the Huskers win their game at our friend’s house. I absolutely LOVE college football. As long as the Huskers are not playing the Texas Longhorns then I do route for them. But, if they play Texas you can forget it. Hook Em’ Horns all the way! Oh and I always wear my Texas Longhorn gear no matter which game I am watching. My cow bell comes with me as well. Oh and the 2 year old knows how to route for Texas no matter which football team is playing. I made sure of that right away! lol :)

Nancy said:

I believe Meeeechigan has moved from 14th to 10th ranked. Go Blue!

On a totally different note: Joe Cullen, our Detroit Lion's defensive coach, was stopped (DUI), but much to the surprise of Dearborn police, was found totally naked! Go Lions. Just GO!

Angela said:

Ha Ha Ha Nancy ~

What is up with all the DUI's lately?


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