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9/11 Remembered…Part I, Reflections

I was looking back at my blog and came upon the post I put up to remember the anniversary of 9/11 last year. I remember being so full of emotion, four years after these barbaric acts. Nothing has changed this year, a year that marks the five year anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on our country.

This picture speaks volumes to me and sums up so much about what I feel about 9/11.

How do I feel about 9/11?

We aren’t safe anymore.

What will my kids see in their lifetime? Will they have freedom their whole life?

These acts mean war. GWB had it right…the road will be hard and long. This isn’t a war on Afghanistan or Iraq. This is a war on terror - a means to protect us from thugs who do not have a soul.

This was a tragic event that bridged many gaps, brought patriotism out of most people. This was an event that favored one political party. This patriotism, this unity didn’t last long enough. It seemed as though the first anniversary of these acts marked the end of this for many.

We need to get that building up in NYC. We need to do it now and it needs to be stronger and taller than the WTC buildings combined.

We are too complacent as a society now, five years later. We should show the videos of the buildings and the planes crashing in them. And the people losing their lives at the hands of these evil, vile, disgusting pigs. And we should see them frequently so we don’t forget.

We should never dishonor the lives lost this day, nor any life that is lost protecting our freedoms. People like Dumbass Nagin and Michael Moron should think twice about the harm they cause in a matter of minutes. And leave Rummy the FUCK alone…do something that makes a difference, like shoring up our borders or improving homeland security. And for those of you with your idiotic conspiracy theories - yes, the ones that presume that the Bush Administration somehow planted bombs and did this intentionally - shut up and shove your theories up your ass. You are as bad, if not worse than these terrorists.

Our troops are the strongest and the bravest human beings I’ve ever known. Their willing and passionate support of our freedoms and our country should NEVER be forgotten. Five years later, people, they are fighting for what YOU AND I take for granted every day. I can wake up every day without fretting about whether my spouse will be murdered by my government, without worrying about whether I will be raped and then slaughtered, without worrying about having to cover my hair, face and body in shame. If I want to go to school, I can…my kids have this priviledge each and every day. I can work, I can vote and I’m free to do what I want. FREE. I have freedoms that MILLIONS of people in this world will never know. And I have our troops to thank for this. I am awestruck by their bravery and dedication. And supportive of those family members who stay on the homefront and support them every day.

See this picture? What does it mean for you?

For me it means we need to step up and protect our freedom before it is too late. For me, it represents a day that thousands of people, innocent people, lost their lives for a reason that remains so unconceivable to me I cannot possibly articulate it. It means sacrifice for many, both at home and at war. But it also means resolve, bravery and patriotism.

This day, five years later, I still experience sadness, but I’m finding that I am angrier NOW than I was a year ago. There’s still much to be done and the media can’t seem to turn their ear away from the voice of dissent. A larger, louder voice needs to be heard - that of the majority of us…Americans who GET it.

Nancy said:

You've really summed it up. The number of people that DON'T get it is alarming. The number of people that govern our lives that DON'T get it is even more alarming.

I hope, but certainly don't expect, the MSM to cover the anniversary as wholeheartedly as they did for the Katrina anniversary.

The left just can't seem to remember the strength that we became as ONE on that horrific day.

Nancy said:


I am so ready to PUKE! I am totally disgusted with ABC's bowing to Clinton and his ilk because their documentary is not "accurate and factual" according to them. See FOXNews.com and the story of how ABC (Disney) is going to edit and change their film because of the liberal/democrat whining!

I did not see that ugly, big, fat-ass slob Michael Moore change or edit all of HIS inaccuracies. Nope, nary a one.

I don't know if I'll be up to watching the film, but ya know, I'm just sad, mad and pissed enough that I may HAVE to. After reading your post, I really think EVERYONE should. REMEMBER! Maybe it will motivate (those that need it) to get sad, angry and pissed enough to do something!

Cathy said:


I think you passionate post covered just about everything. I couldn't agree with you more. The sooner folks understand that Islamofascists would rather die than live in a world with nonbelievers we will win the War on Terror.

Heartfelt post, Merri!!

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