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Turkey Earns Stay


This guy is an escapee from the turkey farm next door to us. He’s been wandering around the woods that separates us from the farm, and has recently become bold enough to come right up to the house.

I was inside steamcleaning carpets last weekend and the boys were in the basement watching the BIG GAME! (U of M vs. Ohio) I noticed him walk by and grabbed my camera. After I got my pictures, I chased him back into the woods and went back to my steamcleaning. When it was time for me to have a beer, I went downstairs and headed to the patio through the furnace room. I opened the door and that damned bird was RIGHT THERE! I slammed the door in his face, scaring me like that!

A very dear friend of mine is going to introduce Butterball here to his maker this weekend. The turkey farm owner said we’d be doing him a favor and the the ol’ tom probably misses his 10,000 friends! We’ll freeze him until either New Year or Super Bowl, when I’ll make my first ever attempt at deep fried turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Chris said:

Yeah....I don't think he's a wild turkey, LOL. Looks rather skinny though, I'd fatten him up with some grain:)

Nigel said:

Hmm...who's "Nancy"?

Merri, wishing you and Vinnie (and Nancy) a terrific Thanksgiving...and here's to Nebraska beating Colorado and STILL firing Callahan!

Merri said:

Hi Nigel,

Nancy is a co-conspirator of mine - a frequent commenter that I invited to post whenever she had the desire to do so...Nancy, meet Nigel - Nigel...meet Nancy. :-)

Here, here on the Colorado game (and the Callahan firing...tee hee!) I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!

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