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David Carroll, Jr.

Plea deal in killing of foster child

CINCINNATI Defense lawyers and prosecutors say an Ohio man will plead guilty to murdering a foster son who was left tied up in a closet.

Under a plea deal, David Carroll Junior would get 15 years to life, plus another year for gross abuse of a corpse. The judge will have to approve the agreement tomorrow.

Carroll’s wife was convicted last week of murder and other charges and got 54 years to life. Authorities say the pair left the developmentally disabled three-year-old bound cocoon-like in a closet for three days while they went to a family reunion. The boy was dead when they returned, and Carroll burned the body, dumping the remains in a river.

But the couple told police he either wandered off or was kidnapped — prompting thousands of volunteers to go on a pointless search.

Now wait just a damned minute here! Key words; “the PAIR”. The PAIR left the child bound in a closet for three days. The bastards acted TOGETHER, yet he’s only getting 16 years? They both should receive the same sentence, which should have been life (unless death were an option.)

The more I hear this shit, the less I understand.

Pros and Cons linked with The bad guys are 0 for 2.

The bad guys are 0 for 2.

The mad bombers¬†missed Cheney with what appears to have been a high value operative (”Mullah” isn’t a name given to just anyone) with¬†a massive vehicle bomb, and they only grazed the Iraqi Vice-President, and managed to get filmed p...

Chris said:

You never know what went on behind the scenes, in both the reasoning and wheeling and dealing. You really can't tell from the papers. But 16 years? that is it?

bobbie said:

yeah its an amazing country we live in,its so messed up.Sentencing varies so much from county to county even.I dont understand why he got such a great deal.He must have caved first and testified against her.Yet still that poor little boy.The man did'nt do anything to save him.Scum on earth.They sought out to have this boy in their home.Prob even had to take classes and shit.So why they did this to him.

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