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….I read that the lighted ball they drop at midnight for New Year’s is going ‘green’ this year:

NEW YORK — The Times Square New Year’s Eve ball is celebrating its centennial by going green.

The star of the world-famous holiday extravaganza was revamped this year with more than 9,000 energy-efficient bulbs that use about the same amount of electricity as 10 toasters.

Philips Lighting created the light-emitting diodes specifically for the event. It says they are smaller but more than twice as bright as last year’s lights, which were a mix of more than 600 incandescent and halogen bulbs.

So, um, well….okay….but I only have one question…well, maybe a couple. They used more than 600 incandescent and halogen bulbs last year….for that ball lighting ceremony that lasts, oh, for a brief amount of time, right? Surely the bulbs all didn’t burn out. Is it truly ‘green’ to replace bulbs that could still be used the following year? What happened to the aforementioned 600+ bulbs? I’m just curious, really…someone has to know. Anyone?

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