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Chester Arthur Stiles Puts “Survivalist” Skills To The Test

New development in the search for Chester Arthur Stiles:

Seems like our search for Chester Arthur Stiles at the Salvation Army Shelter yesterday might have borne some fruit. A half-hour after we showed Stiles’ mug shot to people at the shelter, the security guard we spoke to thinks he spots Stiles - so he calls Metro. Witnesses say that person walked up to where the mug shot was posted on the wall, took one look at it, and then turned and ran away. He was chased down the street by a group of 20-30 homeless people, who lost the man near the train tracks behind Jerry’s Nugget Casino in North Town.

Metro showed up and interviewed people that claim to have seen Stiles. They told me today that they are not certain it was a valid sighting but they are not discounting it either.

But one thing is for certain, Stiles will have a tougher time now blending in with the homeless. Shelter staff made copies of the mug shot we gave them and I’m told Stiles’ picture is posted at churches, soup kitchens, and bars in the area.

Wait a second here. I thought this guy was a “survivalist” who is “very, very, dangerous” and carried a “combat-style knife.” Why would he run? We know he fancied himself as a Navy SEAL, so why didn’t he stand his ground and go down fighting? His ex-girlfriend told the media that “he’d never be taken by the police.”

Maybe it’s because he wasn’t facing defenseless three year old girls.

While there is a slim possibility that some drunken tourist, broke from constantly losing at the roulette wheel, wandered into the shelter and thought he saw himself in the mug shot and ran, it’s probably not very likely.

Assuming it was our man Chet, and considering the possibility that at least some of the homeless chasing him were Vietnam vets, he’s very, very lucky he escaped intact.

Chester Arthur Stiles, Videotaped, alleged child rapist, but still a convicted douche. If you see this man, remember, he’s been trained to run really, really fast, so keep Las Vegas police on speed dial

Hunting Subhumans

KVBC (Las Vegas) reporter Jesse Corona is on the prowl for Chester Arthur “Chet” Stiles, the man seen in the four year old video molesting a three year old little girl.

We even talked to someone who claims she’s seen Stiles more recently.

Man from Salvation Army: He was here yesterday.

Jesse Corona: Yesterday?

Man from Salvation Army: Yeah. He stays here

Shelter staff posted Stiles’ mug shot on the wall. Reaction to hearing what he was wanted for was extreme. Many of the residents indicated if they found him first, he would be in rough shape by the time Metro was called.

Sounds to me like Chester Stiles isn’t the “survivalist” that he’s been made out to be. It also seems that he really isn’t all that impervious to a lack of electricity and water as was originally implied. But watch out, he carries a knife! Combat style, even!

I stand by what I said in my earlier post:

No, I believe Stiles is holed up in some seedy roach infested domicile with a neon sign that reads “otel” in the dark and that advertises weekly rates. Either that, or he’s holed up with a pedophile buddy. These scumbags stick together, just ask NAMBLA. I’d also guess he bundles up to go out in public, and scurries around furtively wondering if that convenience store clerk recognized his face.

While the Salvation Army isn’t necessarily a seedy roach infested domicile, it sure isn’t the Bellagio.

I also agree with Jesse Corona’s take on the mother that was posted on his blog which I linked above:

Tuesday we got the news the mother of the child victim would be issuing a statement through her attorney in an 11:30 press conference. The gist of that conference was that the mother wanted her family to be left alone and given space by the media. She (through her attorney) says she is worried about her daughter being victimized through the media. When I asked her attorney what about the actual victimization of her daughter that took place 4 years ago, (how could she not have seen any signs or known what was going on?) her attorney said he didn’t want to speculate, but she just didn’t. He also said she was a hard-working single mother who worked six days a week and left her child in the care of a nanny.

The mother speculates the abuse happened during that time, but also says Stiles was a distant family friend and never a caretaker. Mom also says she didn’t see any of the EXTENSIVE news coverage on every TV channel in every newspaper and had to be told her daughter was the girl in the video by a family friend.

Questions, questions. Why does Mom have to issue statements through an attorney? What exactly is a “distant family friend?” What about the nanny? If this happened when Mom was at work, didn’t this occur when the nanny was in charge? What did the nanny know and when did h/she know it?

The “hard working single mother who works six days a week” thing smells of “excuse” to me. What are they trying to convey, that only married, unemployed parents would notice that their three year old daughter was being abused sexually? Or the lazy single mother who only works 5 days a week, she’d notice?

Chester Arthur Stiles, Not The SEAL You Thought He Was: If You See This Man, Turn Him Over To The Las Vegas Salvation Army, Then Call The Las Vegas Police, But Wait Awhile

Oh, and thanks to commenter Sammii, Chester Arthur “Chet” Stiles was never a Navy SEAL

The quarry of a nationwide police manhunt, accused of videotaping himself raping a 3-year old girl, was never a Navy SEAL as he claimed and authorities have reported, the Navy said Tuesday.

It’s too bad for Mr. Stiles. He’s going to really need some survival skills once he hits the penitentiary.

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