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Ten Things That Make Me Happy….

Chris was tagged and he was SO NICE to not tag anyone specifically….so I can’t help but respond to his question “So….what makes you happy? Here’s my ten….

1. My hubby! There is no one in life I’d rather be side-by-side with, sharing everything!

2. My children. Having a boy and a girl have been such an adventure. Seeing life through the eyes of a child with cartoon glasses on is always the best. They are so innocent, but they are learning at a rate I can’t even imagine anymore!

3. The smallest moments of life. How to describe this is a challenge! I’ll describe it this way….on our vacation in the Black Hills this summer, there was one of these moments. I was sitting on a horse watching my husband and kids ride their horses in front of me. We were stopped, waiting for my son’s horse to quit eating grass (again!). Just then, I looked up and could see the sky poking out between the trees. Some clouds were moving in and I heard this noise…it was the wind! It was sooo quiet in those mountains, away from everything, that I could hear the wind coming before it arrived!!!!! It was one of those “close to heaven” moments that I think back to whenever the stress or disappoint of the moment starts to overwhelm. THAT is what I mean by the smallest moments of life. It’s also my kids’ smiles, even petting one of our dogs. It makes me think how real life is, and what a gift it truly is to be a part of it!

4. Traveling. I want to do more! My number one place to go outside the US? Australia! But I want to see all 50 states in my lifetime.

5. Seeing movies in the theater. Nothing like popcorn and a new release. Not to say I want to watch *all* of the movies that come out, but I love a good flick, the atmosphere, and the popcorn!

6. Cooking. I enjoy making up new stuff, putting together new ingredients. I also like to can veggies from the garden. That way I can cook with fresh food all winter! I do admit, though, I’ve been looking at cooking more as a chore lately (don’t ask me why), but I think it’s because I’ve been working later hours at work due to how busy it has been and I don’t have time to unwind when I get home. But cooking for the family is fun - cooking for others is also great fun!

7. DVR. One of the GREATEST inventions EVAH!!!

8. Moving things from “to do” to “done.” Oh, and I haven’t been doing as much of this as I’d like lately! GAH!

9. Justice being served. I am admittedly stealing Chris’s number 10. I like seeing justice served. There’s a consequence to every action taken - whether that consequence be good or bad. I love seeing good things happen to good people and equally, if someone has done something terrible, having it come bite them in the butt is simply justified.

10. Learning. I really do like learning new things. I’m inundated at work with learning new stuff, and haven’t been appreciating it much until I went back to school in August. I’ve rediscovered how fun it can be to interact with other people on topics that are compelling. I also crave that instant feedback and am getting good grades so far. I think it’s a boost to my self-esteem, which is something I can use at times.

Anyway, that’s my ten. …and I’ll ask you the Chris question: “What makes you happy?”