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Artist Seeks Subjects for Nude Shoot on Swiss Glacier
Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ZURICH, Switzerland — Wanted: volunteers willing to take their clothes off and have their picture taken on a freezing cold Alpine glacier.

The appeal by New York artist Spencer Tunick, famous for taking pictures of thousands of naked people in public settings worldwide, is intended for a photo shoot to highlight the effects of climate change on Switzerland’s shrinking glaciers, environmental group Greenpeace said on its Web site Wednesday.

I’m simply appalled at the increasing number of people taking advantage of our poor, dying planet.

Greenpeace said if global warming continues at its current pace, most Swiss glaciers will disappear by 2080.

When Greenpeace speaks…….do people really listen? Besides, the author here says it’s going to be FREEZING COLD!

The photo-shoot, which follows Tunick’s previous shoots in London, Mexico City and Amsterdam, will take place in August at an undisclosed location in Switzerland.

Oh sure…..August!

Prospective candidates from further afield will have to start making travel arrangements now. “We aim to make this a climate-friendly event, so please come by public transport and don’t fly,” Greenpeace said.

Isn’t flying considered “public transport”, and if there’s a plane going there anyway….

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