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A Proud Moment

I have been officially banned from the MLive Grand Rapids Forum: http://www.mlive.com/forums/grandrapids/index.ssf

I had been posting under the name given to me by Merri’s husband, the Stroosinator. I fit in pretty well amongst the numerous liberals, and I held my own with them. I believe they respected me for that!

But it wasn’t my political comments that got me canned for a day. Nor was it filthy language, which I would not use on that Forum (TOA).

Nope it was my three posts regarding Rosie O’Donnell (of all things). I simply stated that her FAT mouth finally did her in. (She’s no longer with The View as of June). After my first post was deleted, I posted again. And then a third time. Shame on me for being so insensitive (not like Rosie herself at the Ladies Awards Dinner where “Eat me”, and “F this, F that” was spewed forth with young adult women in the crowd)

Somebody there at the forum surely loves Rosie, but not me.

That’s fine. I’ll do my time in the slammer. But like most hardened criminals, I feel I’ll be back with a vengence.

Or my name isn’t STROOSINATOR!

I’m Lucky I Wasn’t Paying Attention…

Cindy “Shee-Hag” Sheehan was here in Omaha today. Boy, it’s good I wasn’t paying attention, or I’d have been there, protesting her very presence in my state. BUT…on the contrary, I’m glad I wasn’t there as I may 1) be in jail right now or 2) may be adding fuel to the fire as she doesn’t care what type of attention she gets…just as long as it’s attention, right?

For two years she’s been the most public face of protest to the war in Iraq.

Well, her and about a bazillion Hollywood types.

Among Sheehan’s messages, “one person can make a difference.”

Yes, Shee-Hag, that’s true. Your son made a significant difference in the war on terror by going to fight for our freedom. He lost his life, but you’ve stolen his dignity.

Protestors to Sheehan’s message were visible Sunday. It’s something Sheehan has faced all along, but in the last year she says it’s decreased dramatically.

Let me guess. She’s going to blame Bush’s lower approval ratings for the decrease in protests at her little self-fests.

“And if I would have been here a year ago after my first Camp Casey there would have been a lot more protest and opposition. And it is dwindling as support for George Bush and the war dwindles opposition to our message also dwindles,” says Cindy Sheehan.

Yep, she went there (duh!). Of course she fails to realize that less and less just don’t give a shit what she has to say as it matters so little.

And for those who did protest, they were there for the right reasons…

Other people say they wanted to show the troops they have support on the homefront.

Ian Daharsh of the UNO College Republicans says “Our point is to have a positive rally to try and support our troops to try and counter some of Sheehan’s anti-war, anti-troop message. We just wanted to do something positive today.”

Shee-Hag…don’t let the large foot of this very Red State kick you in the ass on your way out. Wait…go ahead. Let it…and you don’t need to come back!

Love Global Warming linked with Well Known AntiWar Activist Visits Omaha
Rachael Ray Helps Bring Prom to Enterprise

A tornado in Enterprise, Alabama, devastated their school and eight classmates were lost in the storm. Enter Rachael Ray, who wanted to be sure the students got a senior prom.

The celebrity chef planned the menu and helped prepare dinner at Enterprise High School’s prom, according to a statement Thursday from publicist Georgianna Dente. The star of the syndicated “Rachael Ray” coordinated donations for the dance, which was shot for an episode to air April 30.

“The students of Enterprise High are so courageous, given all that they’ve gone through,” Ray, 38, said in the statement. “When I heard about what happened to their school and classmates, we wanted to help.”

“The prom was all about celebrating their accomplishments and honoring the classmates who tragically lost their lives,” she said.

Those students lost their lives in a recent spring storm spawning tornadoes on March 1. The High School and Elementary School were damaged in the storm. Students went back to school on March 14 at a Community College. There are plans in the works to rebuild both schools.

I’m so happy to see that people understand the importance of giving these kids memories of their senior year outside the tragedy.

Earlier in the day, Ray appeared with Gov. Bob Riley and Enterprise Mayor Kenneth Boswell to greet students at an assembly.

The prom, held at Fort Rucker, was themed “Caught in a Moment.” Photographs of seniors Jamie Vidensek and Michael Tompkins two of the students killed lined the dance floor, the Eagle reported.

Senior Mitchell Baker, 17, said the prom was bittersweet after the death of his friends.

“It makes it a little harder for me,” Baker, 17, told The Dothan Eagle newspaper. “I’m used to all of them being around.”

I watch Rachael Ray’s show every day and definitely won’t miss this episode on April 30.

Hat tip goes out to Sadie.

…Is It a Sign of the Apocalypse?

Oh.my.Gawd. What will I do? How can I go to sleep at night knowing that Sanjaya did NOT absolutely suck on American Idol tonight? Honestly. I bitch about him when he sucks on the show. Which has been every week, pretty much. I rant that he shouldn’t be on the show. And tonight, while he was far from what I would call superior, he actually did a very decent job…and I’m kinda pissed about it! Note: Even more decent than others on the show [can you say Haley or that guy that thinks he is Justin Timberlake?]. Gah! Is the world coming to an end? Will the message of the Emergency Broadcast System be blaring from my cable box when I go into the livingroom? OH…THE HUMANITY!

Joyous Easter Wishes

Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.
-John 11:25


This is the greatest! The little girl is sooooo serious and the ending is perfect.

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