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Death Recommended for John Couey

Death is the right thing for this disgusting, walking, talking piece of human waste, legally at least.

But NO PUNISHMENT, no matter how harsh will ever replace the beautiful, sweet girl he buried alive after raping her, throwing her in a closet and covering her with bags and burying her.

Will the judge listen to a jury who - 10 to 2 - recommended execution? I certainly hope so. But no matter what, he gets an appeal. And her family gets to suffer through more publicity while defense attorneys bring up the need to be merciful. I don’t care if the guy has an IQ of 20, he violently raped and murdered a 9 year old girl and, because of that, should never be allowed to see sunlight again Or to breathe. Or to experience life, even if behind bars. The best justice would be burying the bastard in a bag alive and see how he likes it.

No matter what, the ultimate judge and jury will decide his fate. And there will likely be no appeals.

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