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2-Month Old Miracle

It’s nice when something that had a purposeful and expected bad ending doesn’t quite turn out that way.

SAO PAULO, Brazil - A baby girl found inside a plastic bag floating on a lake in Brazil was released from hospital Sunday in good condition, doctors said.

The girl, apparently two months old, was rescued Saturday afternoon by a couple who heard her crying in the Pampulha Lagoon in Belo Horizonte, a city about 300 miles northeast of Sao Paulo.

Amateur footage broadcast on Brazilian TV showed rescuers using a long tree branch to pull the black plastic bag out of the water. They opened the bag and found the girl inside, dressed in a pink dress.

Just how did this little one, only 2-months-old, end up in a plastic bag in a lake? We may never know…

Authorities arrested the mother of the baby later Sunday, but she denied throwing the girl into the lake, Globo reported. The mother said she gave the baby away to a group of homeless people because she didn’t have enough money to raise the child.

While it is important to find out who did this so justice can be served, it is a joy to know that this little girl survived. I wish for her a safe and happy life, away from anyone who doesn’t care enough for her that they thought it was okay to throw her away like every-day trash.

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