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See Shorty Shackled…a Summary

So notorious short-statured pedophile Richard W. Thompson is in the news again…along with the judge that thinks his stature and general presence wouldn’t bode well in jail.

There’s a petition drive in Sidney, Nebraska, focused on collecting the resignation of judge Kristine Cecava. I get the sense her decision wasn’t necessarily well received. Given the pedophile got off virtually with a slap on the wrist and a welcome mat to reoffend I can understand why.

A transcript of the sentencing hearing shows that Cecava considered a number of issues when determining Thompson’s sentence, not only his height.

“So I’m sitting here thinking this guy has earned his way to prison but then I look at you and I look at your physical size,” Cecava is quoted as saying in the transcript. “I look at your basic ability to cope with people and, quite frankly, I shake to think what might happen to you in prison because I don’t think you’ll do well in prison.”

Thompson was charged for having sexual contact last summer with a girl who is now 14.

“I truly hope that my bet on you being OK out in society isn’t misplaced,” Cecava said at the sentencing hearing. “It’s very hard to keep you in society when I know the risk is another child getting hurt.”

She shakes to think what might happen to him in prison?!?!? What about the girl he sexually molested, and on at least two occasions? Do you not think she shakes each and every day she knows this criminal is not behind bars?

Ms. Cecava, your decision on letting him be out in society truly is misplaced. You yourself state that you know there is a risk in another child getting hurt. LISTEN TO WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. How hard is it to put it together?

Of course, we should all be ashamed as her intentions are completely misunderstood:

Lincoln attorney Bernie Glaser, who said he’s been Cecava’s friend and colleague for 33 years, said her ruling has been misunderstood. The prosecutor didn’t ask for prison time, Glaser noted, and the judge took other factors into account when deciding that prison wasn’t right for Thompson including his mental capabilities and information contained in a pre-sentence report that is not public.

“We need more judges like her,” Glaser said. “I think they should be proud they have a judge like her.”

God help us if we get any more judges like her. …and God help the victims of any criminal that they might feel sorry for.

The petition drive in Sydney has garnered over 700 signatures - pretty substantial for a small Nebraska community.

In the meantime, “Top Cop” Jon Bruning, Nebraska’s Attorney General has filed his appeal on the judge’s sentence in this case:

An appeal has been filed on Wednesday of a judge’s decision to sentence a sex offender to probation instead of prison based in part on his height.

Attorney General Jon Bruning and Cheyenne County Attorney Paul Schaub filed the appeal with the state Appeals Court. They said the sentence handed down last week to Richard W. Thompson of Sidney was excessively lenient.

I’ll say!

Schaub said he supports the appeal based in part on the recommendations of the victim, her counselor and custodian — all of whom said Thompson should be sent to prison.

Let’s hope that the victim - the REAL victim - is finally listened to.

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…of Pedophiles and Abuse from One Pissed Off Mom

I think back to when I was twelve. The last thing I would have *ever* wanted was to have sex - especially with an adult. As a matter of fact, at the age of 8 or 9, my sister’s neighbor offered me a dime to stand on his chest (I was wearing a dress and obivously he wanted to look up it). I ran to the nearest adult to tell. There are some people that are just sick and perverted. Some of these less-than-human beings want society to endorse their behavior and try to twist it around so it sounds “okay.” They aren’t fooling anyone.

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch pedophiles are launching a political party to push for a cut in the legal age for sexual relations to 12 from 16 and the legalization of child pornography and sex with animals, sparking widespread outrage.

I would certainly *hope* this would spark widespread outrage. Society carries a general sense of what is right and wrong, for the most part, apart from the smattering of sadistic freaks like these people.

The Charity, Freedom and Diversity (NVD) party said on its Web site it would be officially registered Wednesday, proclaiming: “We are going to shake The Hague awake!”

The party said it wanted to cut the legal age for sexual relations to 12 and eventually scrap the limit altogether.

…and here they go trying to rationalize their unnatural tendencies:

“A ban just makes children curious,” Ad van den Berg, one of the party’s founders, told the Algemeen Dagblad (AD) newspaper.

“We want to make pedophilia the subject of discussion,” he said, adding the subject had been a taboo since the 1996 Marc Dutroux child abuse scandal in neighboring Belgium.

“We want to get into parliament so we have a voice. Other politicians only talk about us in a negative sense, as if we were criminals,” Van den Berg told Reuters.

Get a clue, dumbass…if you act on any of these tendencies or view porn involving children you ARE a criminal. Of course you should be treated as such. I want to make pedophila the subject of discussion, too. How to limit it. How to make you pay for any harm you might inflict on an innocent child should you act on your sick, disgusting, perverted thoughts. How to make convicted pedophiles get the death penalty for their crimes against children. Oh and your argument that children are curious? Nice. Try to make it seem like you are doing it for the children when you just want a way to get away with fulfilling your sick fantasies.

Even the Dutch are shocked by this news. And we all know it takes a lot to shock the Dutch.

“They make out as if they want more rights for children. But their position that children should be allowed sexual contact from age 12 is of course just in their own interest,” anti-pedophile campaigner Ireen van Engelen told the AD daily.

Hey…didn’t I just say that?

I have to admit, the party certainly doesn’t appear credible when they have such outlandish demands…

The party wants private possession of child pornography to be allowed although it supports the ban on the trade of such materials. It also supports allowing pornography to be broadcast on daytime television, with only violent pornography limited to the late evening.

Toddlers should be given sex education and youths aged 16 and up should be allowed to appear in pornographic films and prostitute themselves. Sex with animals should be allowed although abuse of animals should remain illegal, the NVD said.

The party also said everybody should be allowed to go naked in public and promotes legalizing all soft and hard drugs and free train travel for all.

Private posession of child pornography but ban trading it? So in other words, home movies of their sick acts on children so they can relive it over and over? Toddlers given sex education? WTF? Sex with animals, huh? Where’s the animal rights activists. I find it funny that humans having sex with animals is okay, but abuse isn’t? Um, isn’t having sex with an animal both unnatural and abusive?

I have an idea. Let the party be formed. Let people register for it so they can “have their voice.” Buy the mailing list and weed out the population one sick, twisted pedophile at a time. How a population of people can justify their sadistic and harmful fantasies and acts is unfathomable to me. I don’t think even the Dutch will allow this to get traction.


UPDATE: Raven has more over at her place. As hubby and I were chatting on this, he did raise a good point. Let’s not underestimate the Dutch’s ability to roll over and let somethng like this pass. While I’m not certain even *they* would go down that road, Raven reminds us that their laws regarding right to life (or in their case right to murder) as well as other social laws are quite liberal.

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Shorty Gets Probation - Part II

Regarding Kristine Cecava’s decision to let Shorty run free - her choice to put child molester Richard Thompson’s safety ahead of children, she will feel the wrath of Nebraska’s “top cop.” Jon Bruning is my HERO!

OMAHA, Neb. – Height should have nothing to do with justice, Nebraska’s top law enforcement officer said on Thursday.

District Judge Kristine Cecava of Cheyenne County on Tuesday sentenced Richard Thompson, 50, on two counts of sexually assaulting a minor. He given 10 years of probation by a judge who said the man was too small to survive prison.

On Thursday, Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning said he’ll appeal the decision.

Jon Bruning has proven time and again where children stand with him - they are a top priority. He has made some tough, yet warranted decisions regarding kids (Matthew Koso is one that comes to mind, not to mention Internet safety) and stands firm in his conviction to make sure kids are safe.

This quote from Bruning says it all:

“I don’t care if he’s 3 feet tall,” Bruning said. “If you abuse a child, you’re going to pay a price.”

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Child Molester Not Considered “Safe” in Prison Gets Probation

I am in awe (and not in a good way) about how criminals can be treated as victims. Be prepared to be furious:

SIDNEY, Neb. — A man found guilty of sexually assaulting a child has been given 10 years of probation by a judge who said the man was too small to survive prison.

District Judge Kristine Cecava of Cheyenne County on Tuesday sentenced Richard Thompson, 50, on two counts of sexually assaulting a minor.

Cecava told Thompson in court that his crime “is absolutely inexcusable” and that he deserved a long sentence. But she expressed concern that the 5-foot-1-inch Thompson would be especially imperiled by prison dangers.

Yes. You heard that right. Poor Mr. Child Molester might get himself hurt in prison because he’s short-of-stature so let’s give him a piddly-ass 10 year probation sentence. Why can’t I feel any empathy whatsoever for this scum of society? C’mon. Does the 50-year-old guy not understand that there are consequences to the crime he committed? Of course he does. So he deserves the same consequences that the 5′9″ child molester gets. THE PUNISHMENT SHOULD FIT THE CRIME. The molester is *not* the victim here and I find it egregious that a judge would give him a lessened sentence for this reason.

Anyone who follows these types of cases knows rehabilitation for pedophiles and child molesters is virtually fruitless. So do *you* think 10 years of probation is going to keep Mr. Thompson away from another child? Talk about a slap on the wrist:

Thompson will be electronically monitored the first four months of his probation, and he was told to never be alone with someone under age 18 or date or live with a woman whose children were under 18. Cecava also ordered Thompson to get rid of his pornography.

I’m *sure* he’ll listen. If I was a betting person, I’d say we’ll be reading about him and his next victim in the not-too-distant future. What an avoidable tragedy that is.

UPDATE: Jon Bruning, Nebraska’s Attorney General is my hero! Take *that* Cecava!

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Would You Call this “Justice Served?”

A man who molested a child for approximately 2 years gets a sentence of 5 years (and is eligible for parole once 85% of the sentence is served (emphasis mine):

BELVIDERE | A Carbon County man who sexually assaulted a girl in Phillipsburg drew a five-year sentence Friday.

William Robinson, 25, of the 200 block of Delaware Avenue, Palmerton, molested the child between September 2002 and Nov. 8, 2004, when the child was 2 to 4 years old, authorities said.

Robinson will serve his sentence in the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center in Avenel, N.J., a correctional institution for sex offenders deemed repetitive and compulsive.

Charges of aggravated sexual assault and child endangerment were dismissed as part of an earlier plea bargain. He pleaded guilty to sexual assault by contact. The victim knew Robinson, authorities said.

Robinson must serve 85 percent of his sentence before becoming eligible for parole. He is subject to parole supervision for life and the Megan’s Law sex offender registration requirements.

I know I must sound like a broken record to some of my readers, but does it really seem fair that this man sexually molests a child between the age of 2 and 4 and can get a sentence of 5 years? HE SEXUALLY MOLESTED A CHILD FROM THE AGE OF TWO UNTIL FOUR YEARS OF AGE. Oh, and do you want to know why he stopped? Because he was caught - and arrested. Do you want to know what will likely occur once he is free from prison? He’ll find another two year old and start over. And so goes the cycle of molestation.

I’m so sick and tired of reading articles about how the criminal should be rehabilitated. I think all of the money spent trying to rehabilitate such scum should go toward counseling for the victims instead. They are the ones that will spend the rest of their lives haunted by an unprovoked, forced molestation.

Thank God Criminals are Stupid!

So, not only does this disgusting pig of a human being decide to take pictures of him with a young child, he then firms up his own stupidity!

BALTIMORE — A man was arrested on child porn charges after pawning a laptop computer that contained photos of him engaged in sexual conduct with a 5-year-old girl, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.

The owner of the pawn shop contacted police after the images were discovered.

Brian Dotson, 45, of Bel Air was identified as the man in the pictures, in part through a cartoon-character tattoo on his left bicep, the U.S. attorney’s office said.

He could get up to 30 years in prison on the federal child pornography charges. He was also charged in state court with rape and sexual abuse.

It is moments like this that you appreciate the fact that criminals are, by nature, stupid.

I imagine his conversation with inmates in prison will go something like this:

Inmate: So, Dotson, whatcha in for?

Dotson: Sexual Assault on a minor. Why?

Inmate: Just wondering…how did you get caught? Why would you do that shit anyway?

Dotson: Well, I wasn’t with her when I got caught. I got caught because they found our pictures on a computer I pawned at the pawnshop.


Kansas and the Marriage Age

For anyone who has been following the story of Matthew Koso, here’s some closure on the question of “can it happen again?”

TOPEKA, Kan. – Motivated by the controversial Matthew Koso case in Nebraska, Kansas is raising its minimum age for marriage.

Under legislation worked out by Kansas House and Senate negotiators on Wednesday, nobody under age 16 could marry in Kansas.

Not everyone agreed that Jon Bruning, Nebraska’s Attorney General, should “go after” Matthew Koso, but he did break the law in Nebraska. He had sex with a minor. I find this bit of news a relief.

Evil on Earth

This story comes by way of The Rott, yet another story of pure evil involving yet another sick bastard who thinks it is okay to abuse, then murder a child (Misha put together some excellent thoughts on the whole thing). My hubby knows this stuff gets me wound tight, but in this case I was actually going to avoid posting on it all together as there isn’t much else that can be said but “fry the bastard.” But as I stewed on it, I feel that isn’t entirely true. Read on, especially if you are polishing your hand gun and live in Ohio:

WAYNESBURG - A Canton man has been charged with the rape and murder of a 7-month-old infant he was baby-sitting.

Police said Henry A. Sunderman, 32, of 3117 Tuscarawas St. W, Apt. A-3, in Canton, raped and killed his niece, Zoey Sunderman, on Friday. Sunderman was baby-sitting the girl, her two sisters and a brother.

Zoey was the youngest.

This bastard *raped* a 7-month-old baby…his NIECE. While 3 other children were present!!!

She was pronounced dead at Akron Children’s Hospital at 2:02 p.m. Friday. The Summit County medical examiner was doing an autopsy Saturday; it said the case was under investigation and did not release a cause of death. But Stark County Jail records said Sunderman admitted he had penetrated the baby’s anus with his finger, “causing severe tearing and trauma, resulting in the death of the victim.”

Amazingly enough, it was the rat bastard of a child molester who decided to call an ambulance, but it was too late. This little one was barely crawling, maybe standing and now she’s gone.

I go back to my rants of posts past. Yeah, “Uncle” Henry admitted to doing this awful thing to this baby. But why would the mother of these children think it is okay to leave her darling children to babysit him when he has a criminal record including crimes of drunk driving, menacing, criminal damaging and endangering, domestic violence and solicitation charges (also five convictions for disorderly conduct by intoxication)? Just his record on intoxication would be enough for me to stay home or find another sitter. But throw in endangering and domestic violence and you’ve got your regular boogey man.

Don’t misunderstand, I feel terrible that the mother lost her daughter and I cannot possibly fathom what she is going through because of her loss. But I can’t help but think she knew this man was not the best caregiver for her children given his rap sheet. But she’s apparently blinded to it as it seems to run in the family:

Court records show their father, Henry Sunderman’s brother, David, was sent to Lorain Correctional Institution on Feb. 27 for failing to comply with police and operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or a combination.

I can’t help but wonder whether it’s time for someone to get the rest of the kids out of that seemingly troubled situation and into a place that is safer.

For Uncle Henry? It’s simple. Just before a full-on gunshot wound to the head, a nice, dull rusty knife to the man parts. This bastard doesn’t deserve one more breath.

Matthew Koso Sentenced

Matthew Koso was sentenced to 18-30 months for the decision he made to start “dating” a girl who was 12 years old (he was 18). He got her pregnant when she was 14 and he was 20 and her parents gave consent to marry her in Kansas at the age of 15.

In Nebraska it is a crime for an adult to have sex with a child, which is what he did. It is good to see that there was a sentence that sent the message to Koso that he is not above the law. I’m told there are “so many sides” to the story and I’m perhaps “quick to judge.” The law speaks for itself, said “sides” were heard and the story was told. Bottom line, the message was clear. There’s a law, Koso broke it and there are consequences. Fair is fair.

Basil's Blog linked with Picnic 2006-02-08
Matthew Koso Redux Part II

Back in September, I posted my thoughts on the whole Matthew Koso mess.  My mind hasn’t changed one bit.  This guy started dating a 12 year old girl when he was 20 and impregnated her when she was 13.  After originally filing a restraining order, Crystal’s mother decided to "bless" the wedding because of the baby and approved them to marry in Kansas, where it is legal to wed at any age (although it isn’t recognized as a marriage here in Nebraska).

Koso went to court today and plead guilty with the hopes of getting probation:

OMAHA, Neb. — A Falls City man faces up to 50 years in prison after pleading guilty Tuesday to sexual assault charges filed after he impregnated and then married a 14-year-old girl. His attorney said he copped the plea hoping for probation.


The case generated national media attention when Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning filed first-degree sexual assault charges against Koso in July.

Attorney General Bruning is spot on in his feelings that this case is a bit more serious than probation, but leaves that decision in the hands of the judge.

"Do I believe that Matthew Koso deserves 50 years? Of course not," Bruning said. "I am appreciative that he has taken responsibility for his actions and has married this girl."

But Bruning said Koso still committed a serious crime.

"The baby makes this a clear-cut case," Bruning said.

During the hearing, the judge suggested a mental evaluation be done before sentencing.  There’s no way I would believe that this guy didn’t know what he was doing…as Bruning notes, he knows right from wrong.

"He was a member of the U.S. Marines. He has a job that drives to work every day. Is he going to cure cancer? No. But he’s not a low-functioning person that can’t survive on his own," Bruning said.

Koso comes back for sentencing in two months.  My thought is that he needs to face the charge and the punishment that is befitting of anyone in this circumstance.  People may think I’m harsh, but it should involve prison time of some kind.  Yes, he has a baby at home, but did he truly think about the mistakes he made being involved with a child before he created a child himself?  No.  That is the crime that has been committed and that is what he is charged with and what he plead guilty to.  There is, and should be, consequences for inappropriate actions. 

My only hope in all of this is that little baby Samara can pull through this bad circumstance relatively unscathed.  Once the pregnancy was discovered, the child could have been put up for adoption to be raised in a secure, safe and loving home.  This would have kept Crystal away from Koso and would have allowed her to be what she is - a young, teen-aged girl.  But, surrounded by people who seem to be challenged with understanding right from wrong, it will definitely be a mountain to climb for both Crystal and little Samara.

Thank God these Freaks are Being Caught!

Even catching one of these slimy, disgusting, low-life evil freaks is worth the effort.  Especially because they are just too damn close to home.  Enough said.

Why Should I Feel Sorry for a Child Rapist & Murderer?

Carlie Brucia was an 11-year-old girl full of life and a lot ahead of her.  She was charming, bubbly and an A-student.  Was…until her life was ripped from her, slain by a man who first sexually abused her and, in order to protect himself, killed her.  This vile excuse for a human being is Joseph Smith and he changed not only Carlie’s life, but everyone who knew her.

"I lost the love of my life," Susan Schorpen, the 11-year-old girl’s mother, said Monday while fighting back tears and taking deep breaths from the witness stand. "I cry for her at all hours of the day. I cry for her at night. I’m broken. I will never heal."

Carlie’s mom wants to see Smith die.  She said outside the courthouse "I’d like him dead today."  Can you blame her? 

Smith had his first day of trial to determine his sentencing and his family and friends are hoping for life in prison versus the death penalty. 

His aunt, a cousin and a former girlfriend described him as a talented handyman and mechanic who was ready to help anybody with their cars or home improvement projects.

Defense attorneys showed jurors pictures of Smith as a child, with his daughters and other relatives. They also played a DVD of Smith, 39, making a toast at his cousin’s wedding.

"He would do anything I asked him to do," said Jean Dwyer, his aunt. "He was like a second son."

Now, don’t get me wrong.  It is entirely predictable that family and friends of a person being sentenced for murder would want to rush to their defense - especially if they knew him as a completely different person.  But honestly, that doesn’t mean that I have to feel sorry for the bastard.  He murdered an innocent 11-year-old girl.  He has DAUGHTERS OF HIS OWN.  I don’t care that he had a drug addiction, I don’t care about any of the problems he had.  His defense attorney apparently thinks that these issues should count for something (emphasis mine):

But defense attorney Carolyn DaSilva asked jurors to recommend sparing Smith’s life. She noted that he had battled back pain, depression and drug addiction for the past dozen years, and said relatives, friends and a drug-addiction expert would testify how "a man with good qualities could have fallen so far."

"You will hear from witnesses who can tell you about Joe’s good qualities … even though he was unable to control his drug addiction," DaSilva said. "You will hear from people who care about Joseph Smith, and that his life has value."

So back pain is an excuse to avoid the death penalty when someone murders an 11-year-old girl after sexually molesting her?  Did he choose to hunt her down and molest her because he was depressed?  Did the drugs make him do it?  C’mon - that’s offensive to most back pain victims, individuals with depression and even most drug addicts.  It shouldn’t matter that these things exist.  People live with these issues every day and never hurt anyone like this.  He is the ADULT and he made choices that caused him to be addicted to drugs.  There are treatments for depression and for back pain.  Why the hell would anyone accept these excuses when it comes down to determining his sentencing?  What matters is that he made a very swift, heartless decision to kill a little girl after he violated her physically.  That was his crime.  I don’t feel sorry for the guy in the least - I am unable to.  I *DO* feel sorry for Carlie’s family.  Parents should never have to bury their children - and in particular children who die brutally because of another.  I am angry as hell that an 11-year-old girl had to suffer the way she did - and had to know she was going to die - I cannot even fathom how afraid she was. 

Why should he live, when he made the choice to not allow her to do so?


The Process of Releasing CSO into society

I came across this article about the process of releasing convicted sex offenders into society. There is a personal story to this at the beginning, but what caught my eye was the actual process. I decided to write a post about this. It is specific to the state of Wisconsin, but many states do the same thing.

The release and the public notification After serving a debt to society, along with a successful completion of counseling, convicted sex offenders are released from prison or a mental health institution. But before release, the public is notified, thanks to the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry Program. According to the Department of Corrections, the Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification law was passed in 1997, allowing the public to collect and distribute information about a certain sex offender coming to the area. But public notification has been a national law for several years. In 1994, the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act was enacted, requiring all states to establish stringent registration programs for sex offenders by Sept. 1997, including the identification and lifetime registration of sex offenders. Megan’s law, the first amendment to the Act, was passed in 1996, requiring all states to develop notification allowing public access to information about sex offenders in the community.

The federal government requires each state to have in place procedures for notification. Some states are better at this than others though.

David Hatch, a parole supervisor for the Department of Corrections (DOC), said the DOC will be required to post the addresses of convicted sex offenders on its web site beginning in December. “That information will be used to better track an individual and indicate where they’re located,” Hatch said. Wisconsin law does not require notifications for all offenders released from prison or a mental health facility. It only highlights certain offenders who may pose a significant risk to the community. A year prior to the offender’s scheduled release date, the criminal history is screened by staff in the law enforcement area to see if it meets the statutory requirement of a Special Bulletin Notification. Some of the cases undergo a special purpose evaluation to determine if they qualify for civil commitment under chapter 980, which classifies people as being too mentally unstable to be in society. Approximately two months prior to the release date and following the special purpose evaluation, the same staff will receive a final notification from the program, including the DOC’s intentions to distribute a special bulletin notification. The DOC sends a recommendation of what level of notification the offender should be. There are three levels of community notification. Levels of community notification process •Level I, is strictly limited to law enforcement. •Level II is targeted notification. This may include schools, neighbors, community groups, day care centers, parks, recreation areas and libraries. •Level III is expanded notification to the general public. A variety of methods are used to inform the public, including face-to-face notification, media releases and community meetings. Hatch said the Department of Corrections determines the levels based on the original offense, institutional treatment and institutional conduct. But law enforcement has the final say about level notification.

It’s facinating to learn how it all works, and I didn’t know the Dept. Of Corrections starts this process. This is common in all states.

Pre-parole plan After the DOC discusses a pre-parole plan about the offender’s residency, employment and support following prison, a residency is selected for the offender. The DOC investigates the proximity of schools, churches and other public places he or she may be deemed as a threat. “But there are some problems finding a place,” Hatch said. For example, the DOC finds an apartment for the offender. But in the complex there’s a mother and three children — which is not an appropriate place. “There’s no perfect place wherever you put a high risk sex offender,” he said. But once housing is found, the DOC is responsible for preparing and distributing the special bulletin notification for the community.

This is where many communities are having a hard time of it…no one wants a CSO to live in their neighborhood. Cities and towns have rules about how far CSO must live within schools, day care centers, shopping malls…and of course CSO are upset because they are limited. So they should be. The next section of this article describes what is done to track CSO…this is very different in each state. Don’t forget to check out this site, which will show you on a map, where RCSO (registered convicted sex offenders) live in your area. Be prepared; educate your children, be viligant.

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I’ll be homeless because I don’t make that much money

Some people have a lot of nerve. Those who have harmed children should have no rights period. Convicted sex offenders especially should not have access to those who they very likely would harm again.

DELAWARE, Ohio — The U.S. District Court Monday dismissed a lawsuit filed by registered sex offenders who say the Ohio law banning sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of a school is unconstitutional.

David Slack, one of the six registered sex offenders who filed the suit, said he cannot afford to move away from his home near Woodward Elementary School in Delaware, Ohio.

“I’ll be homeless because I don’t make that much money,” Slack said.

I don’t want to hear his sorry ass stories. He’s full of BS and he knows it. He wants to live near the school so he can check out the prey. It’s what all sex offenders want: To have their eye candy right in front of them. If this is an issue of being homeless, then get another job asshole. Do whatever it takes to move away from the kids. The state should make him get another job! I don’t condone states getting involved like that, but in these cases it wouldn’t be a bad thing. Kind of like forced labor.

On Monday, the U.S. District Court dismissed his case. The court did not uphold the constitutionality of the law, but just said Slack and the other registered sex offenders did not have the legal standing to file suit.

“There’d been no action taken to remove them from the place they’d been living in, or they brought it even though they weren’t living within 1,000 feet of a school,” Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro said.

Nevertheless, Petro said he sees the case’s dismissal as a victory for the state and all of its residents, NBC 4’s Duarte Geraldino reported. Petro said he believes many sex offenders are likely to offend again.

1000 feet isn’t that far, 1/5th of a mile. I live near two schools and the neighborhood is always busy with kids walking to and from school…I wouldn’t feel content knowing a pervert lived ANYWHERE near the area. A good 6 miles is what I MIGHT feel alright with. 1000 feet? The perverts can still see the kids…and lurk and watch them as they walk by.

“I am truly sorry about what happened, but it was just one of those things. I can’t explain why it happened,” Slack said.

Yep…and no one wants to hear your half ass apology. It’s too late for that. And it’s very lame, when used in context to this lawsuit.

Supporters praised the judge’s decision and said it allows the state to enforce a law that is needed to keep children safe.

“This law is in place to protect children from potentially dangerous predators,” Ohio Attorney General Jim Petro said in a statement. “This is a reasonable and necessary statute.”

The law allows city and county prosecutors across the state to seek eviction orders against hundreds - and possibly thousands - of convicted sex offenders living too close to schools. The law expands a statute that had allowed neighbors, landlords or school officials to seek evictions.

Now this is what I want to read…laws making it legal to boot these perverts right out of the area. Who wants a salivating twisted sex freak who seeks children, living in their neighborhoods, near the schools or places where kids hang out? I know this leaves little option as to where the freaks can go…and that’s the point. They should be sent out to a field in the niddle of no where…

But opponents say the re-offense rate is no different for sex offenders than for other criminals and that imposing the 1,000-foot rule would be impractical and unconstitutional.

In some cases, they say, the rule would be so restrictive it could result in homelessness.

That is a lie. Sex offenders often repeat their crimes, and to a higher degree of harm each time. There is a BIG difference between a person who robs a bank or sells drugs, compared to this type of criminal. I cannot believe these advocates are even trying to compare. Those who care about kids need to keep pushing these issues and demanding local governments to force the perverts into seclusion. I hate to promote that, but when it comes to welfare and safety of children, it may have to come to this.

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Halloween Could Bring Out Real Ghouls - Watch Your Kids!

I remember when I was a kid, we had to start looking at the candy we got after Trick-or-Treating, just to ensure there were no razor blades in apples or pins in candy bars after some idiots decided it would be entertaining to do such stupid things to kids. 

Now that I have my own children, worrying about pedophiles and child molesters is on the list of "safety tips" for Halloween.  I truly believe that as a parent, I am the number one protector of my children - no one can do it better.  Either my husband or I will go out with the kids as they trick-or-treat, ensuring they are safe from traffic, other kids out to cause trouble, or adults who would enjoy inviting kids in for an inappropriate visit.

There are many communities who are focused on how to protect kids from sexual predators who may be "tempted" by children parading up to their homes - and I applaud their efforts!  There are various approaches to this, ranging from increased in-home visitations to the homes of sex offenders on Halloween night to proposed laws banning sex offenders from participating in Halloween altogether.  Here’s a glimpse:

About 45 registered Level 2 and 3 sex offenders who live in Westchester County, just north of New York City, will receive special invitations to attend an educational program between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Oct. 31, under an initiative spearheaded by Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano. Those who don’t attend will receive a personal visit from probation officers and police. Level 1 sex offenders and those on probation who have committed crimes of a sexual nature will also receive a home visit, according to a statement released by Spano’s office.

"We’ve done home visits on Halloween nights in the past, but this is the first year that we’ve asked sex offenders on probation to come in to our offices," said Victoria Hochman, assistant communications director for the county executive.

Hochman said kids present the same temptation to sex offenders that alcohol presents to alcoholics. Rather than have sex offenders at home and in the position to be tempted by parades of children coming to their doors, Hochman said, the county will offer probationers something constructive and hopefully put parents at ease.

The Halloween initiative does not come in response to a spike in molestations or abductions on the holiday, however. "We have never had an incident on Halloween night," Hochman said. But highly publicized cases of brutal child abductions in recent years have heightened citizen activism and put pressure on local authorities to monitor sex offenders more closely. Westchester County was also the first in the state to use active Global Positioning System bracelets on sex offenders under the supervision of its probation department.

"Given the high recidivism rates with this type of crime, people are very concerned. This could provide some relief for people," Hochman said.

I like this idea, and in my mind it seems as though this would be the best approach.  Removing any high risk offender from the situation all together seems to make the most sense with follow-up for those who don’t attend the activity.

Here are what a few more communities are doing:

  • New Jersey’s state parole board is putting a curfew on some 2,200 sex offenders it supervises.  Sex offenders need to be indoors by 7pm on Halloween and can’t answer their doors.  They can’t attend parties where children are present as well and can’t take children - including their own - out to trick-or-treat.

  • In Parker County, TX (west of Forth Worth), 42 registered sex offenders on probation will have to spend the evening at county offices.  They state, again, that this is proactive, in order to prevent any issues as well as "protect" the sex offenders from any false accusations.  Eh, the latter isn’t as important to me, but it may temper the heat the ACLU may attempt to throw their way. 

  • Lastly, a Michigan state lawmaker wants to ban sex offenders from Halloween. State representative Fran Amos of Waterford introduced a bill that would prohibit convicted sex offenders from handing out candy and could be passed in time for Halloween.  This most recent action has ruffled the feathers of the ever criminal protective ACLU, who states this is unconstitutional.  I say let’s invite said sex offenders over to the house of the ACLU’s Shelli Weisberg on Halloween - she can entertain them.  Oh, and let’s hope she doesn’t have young children.

Again, the best thing we can do is be good parents - get out with your kids to ensure their safety.  And if you’re like us, maybe you can "trick-or-beer" at the same time!


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