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Mom Tries to Kill Kids with Poisoned Applesauce

How awful that a parent would scheme, plan and do this to their children:

OGDENSBURG, N.Y. — A mother is accused of trying to kill her children by giving them applesauce laced with prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Police said 33-year-old Marianne Streeter, 33, of Ogdensburg, N.Y., took her 8-year-old son, Andrew, and 5-year-old daughter, Emily, to a motel in Canton, N.Y., and fed them the applesauce mixture on May 3.

Police found the children semiconscious in the hotel room after a 911 call. They were in critical condition, but have since recovered, according to TV station News10Now in Syracuse, N.Y.

And this woman - this non-parent - left them there to die alone.

They later found the mother in a cemetery, overdosed on antidepressants, but still alive.

A part of me wants to say damn it…a little bit longer and they may have found her dead. But the “human side” of me realizes that having her alive will allow the courts to deliver some type of justice - if any truly exists - for poisoning and attempting to kill her kids.

She’s being charged with two counts of second-degree-attempted-murder and two counts of first degree assault. Of course she is pleading not guilty. It’s also reported she was recently released from a psychiatric hospital where she received treatment. The “experts” might say that she should be able to get a lesser sentence (or no sentence?) if she has some type of mental illness, etc. I say keep her off the street and, in particular, away from children. She’s a danger to them and shouldn’t be put in a position to potentially harm them again.

Sad End to an Amber Alert

How is it that in the case of a relationship gone bad, the children end up being subjected to a parent’s rage? Well, in this case it seemed drugs were a factor, but how tragic that a person thought the best thing to do would be to kill the children when the wife wants a divorce.

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — One of two young boys allegedly abducted by their father at knifepoint was found dead in a lake, and his brother and father were pulled from the water with knife wounds, authorities said Wednesday.

Katron Walker, 32, was charged with murder and attempted murder, said assistant chief of detectives Bill Bergherm. He said Walker had stab wounds in his chest but was expected to survive.

The youngest boy, 2-year-old Monte, was hospitalized in good condition with cuts on his neck and puncture wounds in his chest, Bergherm said.

Collin, 4, was found dead late Tuesday by police divers in the lake just south of Terre Haute. The child’s throat had been cut and he had been stabbed in the chest, Bergherm said.

This man, these children’s FATHER, abducted the kids by knifepoint from their grandfather’s backyard. An Amber Alert had been issued for the kids late Thursday. When the police centered in on their location, the man ran with both boys into the lake.

Officers jumped in after them and grabbed Monte, but they couldn’t find Collin in the dark, murky water, he said. The dive team found the body in about 12 feet of water.

A woman who lives near the lake told police she had seen the three earlier in the day fishing and eating hot dogs.

The boys’ mother, Teresa Walker, said she had called her husband from work that day to say she wanted a divorce. Shortly after the call, Katron Walker showed up in the yard wielding a knife and took the boys, said Michael Dwyer, the boys’ grandfather.

“My sister went out and she was trying to get them back,” Dwyer said. “He threw her down and she came right back at him and he kicked her twice in the chest.”

Police say that Katron Walker had marajuana and meth in his system when found. His wounds appeared to be self-inflicted. If he wanted to take his own life because of the divorce, because of the possibility he may not get custody of the kids, etc., then so be it…while it would be a sad spot of time for the family and the kids, at least they would HAVE time - and life. Taking the lives of children to “get back at” the spouse or to prove a point is vile, cruel and out and out disgusting. My hope for the little two year old is that he will recover and perhaps not remember many details about what happened to him.

I hope the book gets thrown at this man. He does not deserve anything different. If I had my way, he’d not breathe another breath of life for what he did.

Non-Parents Strike Again!

So I turn on my computer this morning with two screaming headlines: Parents Realize Next Day They Left Son At Chuck E. Cheese and Parents Charged With Trying To Solicit Truckers For Sex With Child. Both a case of non-parenting and harmful to the child!

So - what happens when parents don’t ensure their 6-year-old gets taken home from his own birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese?

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A 6-year-old Florida boy who was accidentally left behind by his family after they celebrated his birthday at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant will temporarily remain in state custody.

A judge said the state Department of Children and Families will likely determine Tuesday whether Michael Emanuel can live temporarily with a relative.

Emanuel’s family said they accidentally left him Saturday night and didn’t notice he was missing until the next day. Each relative thought the child was with another family member.

Employees at the Boca Raton restaurant called police and the child was taken into state custody.

Now, I’ve never proclaimed to be a perfect parent, but barring some idea that arrangements were made to have the 6-year-old stay with another family overnight (who were also at the birthday party), the parents sure seemed to lack any concern for their child. Forgetting for an hour is one thing (albeit it doesn’t make sense to this obsessed mom who makes sure I see the kids go exactly where they are supposed to every moment of every day), but to forget for the entire night? That’s ridiculous!

An attorney for the boy’s mother told the judge there were 12 youngsters at the party and as they all piled into cars to leave, the boy was simply overlooked.

Again, simply overlooked is driving home, waiting for another car to come by with little Timmy and, when it doesn’t show up, start calling around. “Simply overlooked” is not noticing your 6-year-old missing for an entire day!

I get disgusted at some of the stories that are coming out of Nebraska, but this one is so absolutely disgusting and sad!

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. — The father of an 11-year-old girl has been charged with trying to solicit truckers to have sex with the girl.

Last week, the girl’s mother was arrested in North Platte and charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Both mother and father now face charges of felony child abuse and pandering.

I cannot even imagine what this 11-year-old girl’s life is like. Mom contributing to the delinquency of a minor, Dad soliciting her out for sex. What kind of monsters *are* these people? How sad for this girl to have to grow up so quickly at the hands of people who treat her like a posession versus their child! …and to think there are men out there who would entertain the idea of actually having sex with her…

Lt. Rick Ryan said that on May 30, the girl was found sitting — fully clothed — on the top bunk of a semitrailer’s sleeper cab. The driver was sitting on the bottom bunk — just talking, he told police. The mother reportedly had been on a CB radio, soliciting listeners to have sex with her daughter.

Funny how the article only points out that the father has been charged trying to solicit truck drivers to have sex with her when the mother had been on the CB, asking listeners to be with her daughter. Disgusting! Thank God these people were so stupid they got caught so their daughter can get to a safe place away from them!

I read stories like this and my blood boils. Something has got to be terribly broken in these people to forget about their kid or to prostitute their 11-year-old for money. In the end, my wish is that the children in both cases get to be in an environment where they are loved, supported, and taken care of. That’s the way it should be for *all* kids.

Left For Dead

Good news, and yet, tragic news.

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. - A 1-year-old girl spent up to three days alone with the bloody bodies of her murdered family, her face kicked or beaten and lips cracked from dehydration, police said.

“She was left for dead,” Lt. Mike Handfield said Tuesday. “If she would have been here any longer, she could have perished from lack of food and water.”

Police found the bodies of Phuong Hung Le, 30, his wife, Trish Dawn Lam, 25, and Lam’s 6-year-old son, Tommy, on Monday when they conducted a welfare check at the family’s home, on a street lined with two-story stucco houses about 35 miles southeast of Los Angeles in Orange County.

I wish that I were that officer:

The girl smiled at the officer who found her, Handfield said. “She clung to him and he hugged her. She was glad to be next to a warm human body, to have somebody with her.”

So the cloud appears to have a silver lining after all. But, it’s still a cloud. I rejoice in the fact that the baby was saved.

But, poor six year old Tommy. What did he do to deserve this? He could talk, that’s all.

A Heart-Breaking Case of Baby Murders

I don’t know how I missed this story when it originally surfaced, but reading this article makes me sick to my stomach and full of disgust that a human being could possibly do something like this.

FRANKFURT AN DER ODER, Germany — Family members of a German mother accused of killing nine of her newborn babies testified Tuesday their suspicions she was pregnant were met with denials.

Sabine Hilschinz, who was arrested after the remains were found last July buried in flower pots and a fish tank in her parents’ back yard, has been standing trial in state court here since last week.

Yes, you read that right. Nine newborn babies. Carried the pregnancies to term and once the babies were born, she buried them in flower pots and fish tanks.

Hilschinz, 40, faces eight counts of manslaughter for the deaths, believed to have taken place between 1988 and 1998. She could be jailed for up to 15 years if convicted. She will not be prosecuted in the death of a ninth child because of the statute of limitations.

Frank Koenig, a nephew of Hilschinz, said he recalled the family discussing the possible pregnancies with her, but when she denied them, they accepted her story.

Imagine being a friend of the family and finding some of the remains while you were cleaning out their garage.

Initially she saw plastic bags, he said, but pulling it out they found the remains of the babies.

“And then lots of little bones fell out,” he said.

Further digging in several flower pots turned up a baby’s skull. A day after the discovery, family members decided to contact the police, he said.

How horrible! And this woman stated to a judge last August that she only really remembers two of the births because in all of the other births she got drunk when she went into labor.

I guess to her, abortion wasn’t the answer (likely due to her selfish concerns about her OWN health) , but it seemed okay to wait until the baby was born to kill it. Has she heard of adoption? How about contraception? How about keeping her legs together?

I see shit like this and I almost can’t see straight I’m so pissed. Gah!!

“Dad” Pleads Not Guilty of Killing Daughter

I appreciate that there are mental illnesses in the world. I appreciate, at times, that mental illness will make you believe things that aren’t necessarily true and may make you do things you normally wouldn’t do. I don’t have a popular view on this - either that or there are a lot of vocal people that have to comment against my views on this - but I get virtually sickened when I see another murderer who is trying to get off on a “not guilty by reason of insanity” plea.

Clarendon Hills resident Neil Lofquist pleaded not guilty (requires subscription) Monday to charges he raped and killed his 8-year-old daughter last month.

DuPage Judge Michael Burke ordered the continuation of psychiatric tests that will be provided to the prosecution and defense.

Lofquist, 41, is accused of sexually assaulting his daughter, Lauren, two days before her death and again the night he allegedly choked, stabbed and dunked her head in a toilet.
He appeared briefly Monday morning in DuPage County Courthouse, where he pleaded not guilty to 21 counts of first-degree murder and two counts of predatory sexual abuse.

At the hearing, Lofquist, wearing a yellow jumpsuit that indicates he is on a mental health watch, was assigned a public defense attorney after Terry Ekl, his private attorney, dropped out of the case.

Human beings typically do not have a tendency to want to murder other human beings. These are things that come about either due to a lack of conscious, a life-time of conditioning within an enviornment (i.e. heavy abuse, etc.), or due to what is commonly known as “mental illness.” In my opinion, and again this is my opinion, there isn’t a murderer out there who could be classified in any definition of “sane.” It takes an extraordinary departure from conscious, from knowing right and wrong to decide to kill - especially your own child. It doesn’t make a person any less guilty of committing the act, and it doesn’t make the person any less dangerous. Which is why I firmly believe we need to protect society against those who are deemed “insane” murderers and those who are deemed “sane” murderers. Both committed murder. Both brought death to another human being. Maybe I’m just hung up on the term. If a person pleaded “GUILTY by reason of insanity” I would feel a bit better about it (as long as the punishment fit the crime).

I think it’s shameful to use mental illness as a way to gain a level of innocence when there’s no doubt a person committed the act. It’s infrequent that a person with bipolar or depression kills another person. To me there’s something else. A person who is able to kill another human (war and self-defense aside) is wired differently. Layering mental illness makes the issue more complex but it truly doesn’t change the guilt of the act. They did it, they are dangerous and they should not walk side-by-side with your child, my child, me or you.

They’re Children!

It disgusts me what some “parents” do to their children.

CARSON CITY, Nev. — A September trial has been set for the mother, stepfather and grandmother of two children in what doctors call one of the worst child abuse cases they’ve seen.

The three are accused of locking up the two children in their Nevada home and starving them for years. A judge compared the 16-year-old girl and her 11-year-old brother to Nazi death camp survivors. A doctor said their health problems may be irreversible.

The 4-foot girl weighed about 40 pounds when she was found in January. The 3-foot-6-inch boy weighed 31 pounds. He has deformed feet and the girl is scarred from beatings.

The 16-year-old said she and her brother got by on sandwiches, hot dogs or hot cereal, and often went three days without being fed.

It’s bad enough that these people did this to their kids. It’s not even anything I can comprehend. But in this case, there were healthy children found in the home as well. In body only, I suspect. How could they possibly have not been scarred for life seeing their siblings treated in such a way? How does a “parent” explain to the healthy kids why they are beating and starving their siblings to the brink of death? I know these questions don’t really have any answers, I just have to ask as I have NO CLUE how an adult can do this to their children - or any child for that matter. The human race can really disgust me and this case is no different.

Children Shouldn’t Have to Suffer Like This…

Over at Signal 94 is a story that articulates why some people should not be parents. Be prepared to want to lock and load and take a trip to NY.

“The police chief said it was one of the worst cases of child abuse his department has seen.”

No emotions, no feelings, just a robot-like attention to duty and detail. Take photos, collect and bag the evidence, type the affidavits and write the reports.

“The officers were horrified,” Nichols said Friday. “The doctors described the boy as dangerously malnourished and showing signs of starvation. If this neglect had continued, he could have died.”

Because if you don’t you’re gonna kill some asshole.

Police also found an 11-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy in the home. Like their younger brother, Nichols said, both suffered from malnourishment and neglect.

And then there’s those who just don’t care…

“Christina Stevens, who lived next door in the same two-family house for several months last year, said the 5-year-old boy next door looked as though he were 10 to 12 months old. Stevens said she called Cortland County child protective services workers at least three times last year about the family.”

…and yet another case of the CPS not responding timely when they should have helped those kids. I couldn’t have put it any better than sig, but to have to write about this kind of tragedy is virtually a sin.


These people need to get a clue…

OMAHA, Neb. — Police cited two parents for child neglect after discovering two infants left alone in an unlocked vehicle.

It’s bad enough they were left in the car, but it was unlocked. It’s bad enough that they were left in an unlocked car, but one was a year old and the other 2-months old.

The father of the children returned about 35 minutes later and told the officer that he was visiting the children’s mother in her dorm.

Thirty five minutes later. The couple were cited with child neglect. I suspect dear ole “Dad” got right back in the car, with those little ones, and drove home. Wonder if he forgot them in his unlocked car in the driveway?

Parents of Caged Kids Lose Permanent Custody

I’ve been following the story of the parents who kept their adopted kids in cages to “protect them” from their special needs conditions.

NORWALK, Ohio — A couple charged with abuse for forcing some of their 11 adopted children to sleep in cages were stripped of custody Monday, six months after a social worker discovered the enclosures.

Juvenile Judge Timothy Cardwell said there was a good chance Michael and Sharen Gravelle would mistreat the children again, citing a history of sexual abuse allegations against the father.

They, of course, will appeal the decision because they love their kids and truly do not feel that they abused them and that the cages were a good and necessary thing. I had hoped by now they realized they were in over their heads and the best thing for the kids would be to get them to families that can focus on fully addressing their conditions. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. Hopefully the review of the appeal will yield the same common sense outcome, if nothing else for the sake of the kids.

The Jawa Report linked with Co-Blogger Round-Up

People can be unbelievably stupid sometimes…and some are just plain sick and disgusting.

CLEVELAND — A Cleveland woman is accused of dragging her two daughters back inside their burning home after the girls ran to a neighbor for help.

Authorities said the woman had set the fire herself.

The girls, ages 8 and 12, told investigators their mother was upset because the older girl had a boyfriend. The mother allegedly interrogated the girl while applying lighted incense to child’s neck, chest, rectum and inside her mouth, according to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason.

Investigators said the woman set the house on fire when she didn’t get answers, and when the girls ran out, she forced them kicking and screaming back inside the burning house.

Thank God a neighbor happened along and pulled them to safety. The catch - this happened a year ago - it’s taken Cleveland authorities a year to investigate the blaze. And guess what? Laquana O’Neal, the “mom” has not yet been arrested as of Thursday, even though prosecutors say she faces multiple charges including aggravated arson, felonious assult, rape and gross sexual imposition.

The article doesn’t say what happened to the children, but I hope and pray they aren’t with *that* excuse of a human being. My God, she was willing to torch her own home and burn her children as punishment for the oldest apparently having a boyfriend. I can’t imagine what she would have done if her oldest daughter came home and said she was pregnant!

Anyhoo…here is the last part of the article:

…O’Neal was diagnosed with a mental condition.

Can anyone say DUH? Of course she has a mental condition. Anyone who commits the acts that she did, including almost murdering her own children isn’t in their right mind. Leave it up to the media to keep us informed, and on the edge of our seats.


Andrea Yates and Other Criminals

As I’m sure everyone has heard, Andrea Yates, who decided to meticulously drown all of her children is now pleading "innocent" by reason of insanity.

During her original trial, jurors rejected Yates’ insanity defense and found her guilty for the 2001 deaths of three of the children drowned in the family bathtub: 7-year-old Noah, 5-year-old John and the youngest, 6-month-old Mary.

Evidence was presented about the drownings of the other two children — Paul, 3, and Luke, 2 — but Yates was not charged in their deaths.

Yates was convicted of two capital murder charges and sentenced to life in prison.

As I’m sure you heard that her original conviction was overturned and we now will start the circus all over again.  I’m sure I sound like a broken record, but AGAIN there’s more worry about this less than human being than the 5 children - her OWN children - that she stalked, and methodically drown one-by-one.  Noah, John, Mary, Paul and Luke certainly have no say, do they?

I’m all for assuring this pig of a human being never sees the light of day, but it’s a tragedy that this has to play out again and will be "media’d" into the ground.  We will hear it over and over…but will it be about the kids she slaughtered?  NO…it will be about poor Andrea Yates. 

Just when I think I can’t be disgusted any more, my hubby throws this link over my way:

Omaha police said a 4-week-old girl was treated Friday at Creighton University Medical Center for multiple fractures to both of her legs.

The media, in all of their brilliance, report that it appears to be abuse.  No, really?  I thought maybe she played a spirited game of rugby and suffered a bit of a fall.  Of COURSE it should be treated as potential abuse…this little one is only 4-weeks old.  What insane piece of human waste could do this to a child?  I can only wait patiently to see how this will turn out.  But I predict, somehow, that the law will be more in the interest of the criminal versus the well being of the child.  Let’s hope I’m wrong.

Update:  The infant in the last story is actually 4-months old, but it doesn’t change the fact that she was abused.  Guess who is charged?  The baby’s "mom" whose name is Anna Mis-Guiterrez.  A mother, breaking her four-month-old little girl’s legs.  What did this innocent little girl do to deseve it?  Nothing.  Will this woman, should she be convicted, get a just sentence?  Sure hope so.

Kids in Cages

Back on September 9, social workers and law enforcement removed 11 adopted children from their home when it was discovered that their adopted "parents" kept them in CAGES.  This is how the social worker described these "cage-like enclosures" during the hearing today:

"I saw wooden structures that had a solid wooden piece for a door, an alarm to left of the opening. There was a small handle on it. They were piled one on top of another. They looked like a kennel," said Jo Ellen Johnson, of Huron County Children and Family Services.

She also said cages with alarms and locks are not appropriate for children. 

Folks - this is a CUSTODY HEARING.  This isn’t a criminal trial as these two miscreants have not been charged with anything…yet (and that’s a very skeptical yet, I might add).  These people adopted 11 special needs children and because they couldn’t handle the challenges these children’s disorders presented, they chose to stick them, ages 1-14, in cages.  CAGES!  They aren’t "cage-like enclosures" or merely "enclosures" as their attorney would attempt to tell you.  They are CAGES…containment designed so the child can’t get out.

The custody hearing will determine if the children were abused or neglected, Cleveland TV station WEWS reported.

Michael and Sharen Gravelle said before court that they were optimistic about getting custody of their children back.

For the love of God - they shouldn’t get their children back.  We have people in DC worried about Gitmo and the conditions for vile terrorists who would love to see us sizzle at sunset but someone is still entertaining the idea that it ISN’T abuse or neglect to lock a child in a cage?

The Gravelles have said they adopted children with special needs and behavioral problems, and built what they have described as enclosures with alarms where the children could sleep for their own protection.

The Gravelles have said the children have health and behavioral problems such as fetal alcohol syndrome and pica, a disorder in which children eat nonfood items such as rocks or dirt.

Yes, these disorders are very challenging.  My mother worked with special needs adults and children for years and saw her fair share of both disorders.  They are challenging to deal with - even in a medical institution.  But even in the most sterile halls of hospitals and institutions that Mom worked in, I never ONCE saw a cage.  Those with these syndromes and disorders needed a higher level of monitoring and observation in order to protect them from their environment and their disorder.  NOT a cage.  While it is entirely possible that this couple felt they were doing great deeds by adopting these children, they obviously didn’t think about what they were doing.  And because they didn’t think through what a challenge one special needs child would be in terms of care, let alone 10 more, who pays the price?  The kids, of course. 

Discretion and common sense don’t seem to be at the top of the list when a couple decides "hey, let’s build some ‘enclosures’ for them to live in…wow, that will solve everything!"  My heart aches at the thought of a fire breaking out in their home.  Those kids would have potentially been trapped in cages without a fighting chance to get out…how safe is THAT?!?!?!

Lastly, the thing that really got to me was the pictures their attorney released, showing how "happy" the children are (you can see the photos on the article I linked to above).  Every picture was one that showed them at family functions, the holidays, special events, etc.  And of course they were happy - they weren’t trapped in their cages!


Update: Just saw this article on Fox News.  Talk about blood boiling.  If the story is accurate, this was brought to the attention of child welfare workers 2 years ago and because the parents weren’t cooperative, a full investigation was never pursued.  If that is the case, they are almost as guilty as the parents of neglect in my opinion. 

But this….this makes my blood boil:

Insurance agent Edward Clunk said that he visited the couple in summer 2004 to sell them policies. He observed two children — one sleeping in a cubbyhole and another in what he described as a cage.

"I’ve been in thousands of homes. … This was something just a little bit out of the ordinary," Clunk said, adding he did not file a report because he did not believe the children were being abused by the Gravelles.

"I thought it was very admirable for them to adopt children of that nature that nobody wanted," he said.

Admirable that they adopted them?  Perhaps.  Admirable that they would keep those adopted kids in cages?  Hardly.  …and didn’t file a report because he didn’t think they were being abused or neglected?  For real?  Get a clue! 


From KETV.com:

Police said the mother told them she had learned that Riley admitted putting the baby’s body in a plastic bag and then placing it in a nearby storm drain. An autopsy performed on the child ruled that the death was a homicide, caused by asphyxia, blunt force, head injury and environmental exposure.

This 22-year-old, Danielle Eboni Riley, made the adult decision to have unprotected sex.  She made the decision, once she was pregnant, to carry the baby to term, even though she more than likely never planned to put the baby up for adoption.  And then she made the most disgusting, selfish, hateful decision of all…to murder her baby.  A baby who never had a chance to live because "MOM" decided to smother the baby, hit the baby in the head and toss the baby away like garbage.

Now, some of you may want me to understand that this "poor 22-year-old girl" was a victim in some way.  You will NEVER convince me of that, so it isn’t worth trying.  I don’t care.  There is NOTHING that can make me feel sorry for anyone who could be so cold and hateful that they make a decision to MURDER a newborn…one that was breathing, and crying and helpless.  People that make decisions such as this should understand what it is like to have life taken away.

…and you wonder why I so strongly believe in the death penalty?

Vince Aut Morire linked with Tell Another One, Pinocchio
…and People Wonder Why I am for the Death Penalty

Well, it’s simple.  *This* is why I am for the death penalty:

SAN FRANCISCO — A search of San Francisco Bay continues for the bodies of two young children believed to have been tossed into the water by their mother.

Authorities have recovered what’s believed to be the body of a third child. The San Francisco Examiner reported that the body of the woman’s 3-year-old son was recovered about four hours after a witness reported seeing a woman drop the children off a local pier.

The search began late Wednesday afternoon when an unidentified man called 911 to report seeing the woman drop the children into the chilly water near a popular waterfront stretch.

Lashaun Harris, the 23-year-old "mother" in this case, is booked for three counts of murder.  Her excuse?  The "VOICES" told her to dump her kids off the pier.  Well, my "voices" tell me that she should receive the death penalty.  But it’s possible that she will have some "mental disorder" that would prohibit that from happening.  I personally don’t care.  There isn’t a person out there, mental disorder or not, who can justifiably kill their own kids and get away with it in my book.

Update:  No surprise, Lashaun Harris pled "not guilty."  Of course she has a mental disorder….and of course she’s going to get some testing.

The charges could bring the death penalty, but District Attorney Kamala Harris said she hasn’t decided yet whether to seek such a sentence.

Hmmmm….easy decision for me, quite honestly.  And this:

She said there will be a critical look at the way social services handled the woman’s case.

Of course there should be a critical look - they made the decision to return the children to this woman.  But more importantly, what consequences will there be for the family members who didn’t take her seriously when she stated she was thinking of feeding the kids to the sharks?  I’m so damn tired of people taking "critical" looks and feeling some level of pity for the family who "didn’t take it seriously."  DO SOMETHING.  In both instances (social services and the family members), they had information and history which led them to understand that this woman was not in her right mind (um, anyone who kills someone like this isn’t in their right mind, by the way).  The family should have kept the kids safe when social services decided that Mom and kids needed to be reunited.  Call me mean or hateful if you feel you must, but they are virtually as guilty as she is by not taking her threats seriously. 

I look into the face of any child (mine, but other kids as well), and I cannot fathom what these innocent, beautiful children could ever do to inspire such hateful acts, even in their worst moment.  To protect a person after they kill a kid, in particular their own, is just not something I can comprehend.  The criminal is not the victim here, whether they are mentally "ill" or not.

Vince Aut Morire linked with She Was Going To Feed Them To The Sharks
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