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American Idol: I Learned A New Genre Today!

My dear friend Beth twisted my arm suggested that we should sit down and watch “American Idol.” I have never seen the show before, and because I trust Beth’s taste in television programs and her taste in talented musical artists BETH, CREED IS AWESOME DAMMIT, I chose to watch this fine scary show tonight. To say that I want 2 hours of my life back is, well, an understatement. But I did get one thing out of all of this. I learned a new genre of music suckitude tonight. “Urban Amish.” Yes, that’s right. “Urban Amish.”

Because I know that Beth loves this show, and because I know how much she loves this new style of music, I took a screen shot from the show. She may have missed it, so here it is, so she can print it and keep it next to her pillow.

(picture from the AI website).

Beth…I love ya, but you REALLY do need to start blogging about ‘24.’

P.S. You watching AI tomorrow? Seattle, isn’t it?!?!?!? I can‘t hardly wait! For what it is worth, Vinnie LOVED the show!

Did O.J. Do It?

So here we are, around a decade later, a book deal and an interivew on Fox.

O.J. Simpson plans a book and TV interview to discuss how, hypothetically, he could have killed his ex-wife and her friend.

It’s a story his publisher, Judith Regan, considers “his confession.”

But two weeks before the book, “If I Did It,” goes on sale, scorn is being heaped on Simpson, Regan and Fox, which plans to air the two-part Simpson interview on Nov. 27 and 29. NBC passed on it.

It was a crazy thing, that long ago. The case was broadcast on TV and was loaded with so much acting you’d have thought it was Hollywood. Remember Judge Ito and the Ito dancers (strike that, wrong show). But really, why do we have to revisit this story, unless it’s yet another attempt by O.J. Simpson to cash in on the notoriety that came with this media circus? Could he have possibly forgotten that Nicole has relatives and friends who already have to live with the pain of losing her every day of their lives?

So is this his confession? Since he’s protected through double-jeopardy, I would never rule it out. But if it truly is his “confession” I think O.J. is one of the most disgusting, evil, crass human beings ever. To take advantage of this situation, to make a mockery of two people’s murders is, by far, a blatant slap in the face of the judicial system as well as of Nicole and Ron’s family and friends.

And shame on you, Fox, for giving this bullshit artist the time of day.

I Recommend This New Reading!

Perhaps I should package a few for our friends in Hollywood?

Update: Hubby liked it so much, he even posted it over at Jawa.

How Would You Like to Be *HIS* Child?

…I wouldn’t want to be his wife, either. What a loser!

ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. — A Wyoming man could get up to 10 years in prison after being accused of using a made-up story last month about the death of his 2-year-old daughter to get time off from work.

Authorities in Rock Springs accuse Henry Eugene Bingham, 26, of pocketing more than $1,300 in donations from co-workers after they learned of the death. He’s charged with obtaining property by false pretenses, a felony.

According to court documents, the sheriff’s Department was contacted by the man’s boss, who said his employees had chipped in when Bingham told them during an Oct. 16 meeting that his daughter had fallen ill, been flown to Salt Lake City and died. The man said employees contributed $1,319, which Bingham took. He also said the labor union gave Bingham money the next day.

Someone from work called the house to offer condolances, and his wife answered, stating that their daughter was alive and well, thus blowing this dumb ass idiot’s “cover.” Lady, do yourself a favor and file for divorce. NOW. If he wants time off, he could have lied and said she was sick. He could have lied that *he* was sick. How awful that he would tell someone that his daughter had died, just to get time off. LOSER!

How Much is That Mannequin in the Window?


FERNDALE, Mich. — A Detroit man with a history of smashing store windows to grab female mannequins has been accused of indulging his fetish again.

Ronald A. Dotson, 39, was arrested and jailed Oct. 9 after breaking a window at a cleaning-supply company to get at a mannequin in a black and white French maid’s uniform, police said.

A judge Thursday ordered him to undergo a psychiatric examination to determine whether he is competent to stand trial on charges of attempted breaking and entering.

The poor guy couldn’t get rehabilitated in prison. Apparently they didn’t have a Mannequin’s Annonymous support group in the clink. He was out of prison less than a week and was at it again, even after he said he’d buy a mannequin so he could resist the urge to go steal them. Apparently, he likes that thrill of the chase, living on the wild side to find that “special” fiberglass dream come true.

His erotic pursuit of mannequins over the past 13 years has led to at least six convictions for breaking and entering and a stint in prison, police said.

I can’t help but wonder what a conversation with his parole officer might look like:

Mannequin Lover: But I couldn’t help it, Bob.

Bob Paroleguy: Manny, you gotta stop stealing mannequins. They are made of fiberglass. They can’t talk, they are cold…kinda like my ex-wife, but without the nagging…hmmmm….maybe you are onto something here?

Mannequin Lover: They are strong, silent types, Bob. I can get them to do what I want. They wear anything I want them to wear and they don’t tell me I drink too much. They are there when I need them. They LISTEN to me.

Bob Paroleguy: So tell me again, about this last one with the French Maid clothes….

Eh…the guy’s a freak. But at least his “victims” are fiberglass.

The Proverbial Horse is NOT Just Beaten, It Is DEAD

Omaha’s widdle biddy Ciddy Counswill seems to have gotten their feelings hurt because big, bad Tom Becka of KFAB fame did a parody on “Discover North Omaha” - a campaign designed to bring a postive focus to all that North Omaha has to offer.

Here’s the parody from Becka:

“Discover miles of mayhem.
Discover drive-bys.
Discover gang violence.
Discover North Omaha.
We’ve got a real sense of community here.
When there’s a shooting, we all stick together and don’t rat on the suspects.
I’m a police officer and north Omaha was nice enough to give me plenty of extra overtime.
Arson, abductions, assaults.
Everything that makes a community exciting.
Discover north Omaha.
After all, it’s safer than Baghdad.”

So the City Council is offended…and what do they do? Spend precious time voting on whether they should demand an apology from KFAB (the radio station Becka is employed with).

OMAHA, Neb. — Omaha’s City Council voted 4-2 on Tuesday to demand an apology from an Omaha radio station.

A resolution sponsored by Councilman Frank Brown says the radio station should offer a public apology and dedicate all resources necessary to repair the community damage it has inflicted.

This whole thing is flawed. The council sat there and debated on how to approach and in the end, they “filed” versus “voted” on a request to demand that the radio station apologize both on their site (which they have already done) and on the air (which they said they have already done). Folks, this is a clear cut example of why Nebraska - and Omaha - has to raise taxes at every turn of the corner. What a waste of time! Get over yourselves.

If you read the article, the point is clear. North Omaha *doesn’t* have a world class reputation because it DOES have an extremely high crime rate. Shootings, car jackings, stabbings, theft, arson - every time I look at my local news it seems to be mostly centered there. Why else would they have an ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN (complete with billboards and other means of reaching their targeted audience) that tries to focus on the positive side of North Omaha? As much as I dislike Becka, he’s a freaking radio guy for Pete’s sake! If nothing else, the council and the media are giving him higher ratings and far more attention than he would otherwise receive.

And Brown’s comment was rich - “the radio station should dedicate all resources necessary to repair the community damage it has inflicted?” Mr. Brown, North Omaha’s reputation has been “damanged” since I can remember and I’m going to be 38 on Sunday. Coming from a small town, if I come anywhere near North Omaha, instinct kicks in and I make sure all my doors are locked - I’ve done it since the first time I was in North Omaha. Small city radio guy Becka can’t do anything to harm an already harmed reputation. If you are searching for solutions, Mr. Brown, why don’t you take the money spent debating this juicy little issue in the City Council and, instead, pay to put an additional cop on the street so he or she can make a North Omaha neighborhood a little bit safer? I think that’s a far better solution than voting to “file” a demand for a radio station to apologize when it already did. Or even if they didn’t, for that matter. Get.a.clue.

April Rogers Found Guilty

Back in December, this story was in the Omaha news. In a nutshell, April Rogers killed Alex Tay, a little baby who Rogers admitted to repeatedly slamming his head to the floor while she was caring for him in her home last December. Little Alex was injured and later died. April Rogers has been found guilty of child abuse resulting in death.

Rogers had a brief trial before Judge Michael Coffey last Thursday morning. The defense did not present a case.

Rogers’ lawyer, Steve Lefler, said he was not surprised by Thursday’s verdict, and he plans to appeal based on the minimum 20-year sentence.

“They could have charged her with manslaughter, for which she would not have to go to jail for at least 20 years,” Lefler said.

Lefler said that at sentencing, he’ll talk about the stresses and pressures Rogershas was facing at the time of the death, as well as her spotless record before it.

She killed a baby by slamming his head onto the floor over and over. Because she was facing “stresses and pressures” at the time of his death. Yeah, and that’s little Alex’s fault because….? Quit with the fucking excuses already. She *should* go to jail for at least 20 years. In twenty years, little Alex would have grown into a young man but because of her, he’ll never see adulthood. Face it. There are, and should be, consequences for her actions - I don’t care if she doesn’t have a “record.” If she had put a gun to someone’s head, pulled the trigger and killed them, would you feel the same way, Mr. Lefler? Didn’t think so. As a matter of fact, what she did was far worse. At least an adult may have been able to defend themselves. She took the life of a helpless baby who relied on her to CARE FOR HIM. The fact that this woman is out on bond until sentencing dumfounds me.

Douglas County attorney Stu Dornan is pleased with the verdict and expects to pursue a strict sentence at the hearing in December.

“It was a difficult case for everybody concerned. We try to achieve justice in the best way that we can. In this case, the first step towards justice has occurred, and that is the conviction of the offender, and the first step towards accountability,” Dornan said.

Bingo. Um, isn’t that the point of a sentence….a first step toward accountability? It’s too bad that most defense attorneys don’t believe in that philosphy. Instead, they want their client to get the minimum slap on the wrist….perhaps so they can get a multiple case discount down the road?

Your Tax Dollars at Work: Children Become Three-Week Muslims

Supreme Court declines case challenging classes on Islam

SUPREME COURT The Supreme Court has refused to consider a lawsuit by parents objecting to a three-week class for seventh-graders on Islam.

Jonas and Tiffany Eklund say pupils at a public school in Byron, California, were given pages from the opening chapter of the Quran to read and studied Islam’s Five Pillars of Faith.

The Eklunds argued that the world history unit violated separation of church and state. Their lawyers charged that the public school “had children become Muslims for three weeks.”

School Superintendent Tom Meyer denies that the classes amount to indoctrination.

The Ninth U-S Circuit Court of Appeals agreed that the Islam program activities were not overt religious exercises and therefore did not raise constitutional concerns.

Was this “assignment” followed up by the children becoming Christians for three weeks? If so, then I guess I don’t have a big problem with this class. Three weeks sounds like an awful lot of time to make the children aware and familiar with any religion. It just seems that ANY attempt to bring CHRISTIANITY into the classroom is met by liberals screaming “Separation!!!!”

Can’t Cox and KETV Just Get Along?

Okay, so I usually don’t give a crap when it comes to contractual disagreements between companies - whatever, right? But this is personally affecting me and these twits seem to be blaming each other.

We got a postcard from our cable company saying that Hearst-Argyle Television, the company that owns channel 7 (KETV), and Cox Communications cannot seem to come to an agreement regarding the rates for offering channel 7’s digital programming. SO….KETV’s owners have agreed that it is okay to allow the analog channel 7 (so us poor customers don’t have to do without the programming), but they cannot offer the digital channel effective right away. So, as much as I love football in HD, at least we still have our LOCAL TV CHANNEL on our cable offering, right?

For those of you wishing to be bored, the story is here on KETV’s website. An exerpt:

OMAHA, Neb. — KETV-TV Channel 7 and KETV-DT Channel 20, which are among Omaha’s leading analog and digital television stations, respectively, on Sunday announced that the digital high definition signal of KETV-DT is no longer being carried on Cox cable television systems.

The removal of the station’s digital signals from the Cox system is the result of unsuccessful negotiations between representatives of Hearst-Argyle Television, Inc., KETV-TV’s parent company, and Cox. Hearst-Argyle is seeking fair and reasonable terms from Cox in return for allowing Cox to carry KETV-DT’s programming and charge its subscribers for access to that programming.

Here’s the rub for ME, though. I have DVR. And I record a LOT on DVR. But since this little spat (found out about it just yesterday), Cox Communications won’t allow me to DVR anything on Channel 7’s analog channel, with an error that comes up “unrecordable channel.” That’s complete bullshit. So….I have to do without the Rachael Ray Show and the other two shows on ABC I record will have to be watched live versus recorded. Um, there’s a REASON I record these shows, you idiots.

If you want to have your little arm-wrestling match in the backyard, fine. But if both of you truly care about your customers, you will want to allow us to have the conveniences that WE PAY FOR by subscribing to your service. And if I can’t record my shows, ABC, I don’t watch your shows. Get a clue.


UPDATE: So I wrote a note to Cox Cable to complain and the response today - and I paraphrase: “Lady, you are whacked. There’s no problem. We had this one technical issue on Thursday, but that channel isn’t restricted.” Um….so, why in the hell would I take the time to write you, buffoon, to tell you there’s a problem if there isn’t one? Magically, when I went home all was recordable again. And of course the response I received was canned and not even signed by a human. Eh. Who cares, I can use my DVR on ABC again.

…and Chris? Somehow I don’t think our little Omaha channel would come anywhere close to paying for Rachael’s salary. Phpht! :-)

John Mark Karr

Well, I never did say he did it, right?

BOULDER, Colo. — Prosecutors abruptly dropped their case against John Mark Karr in the slaying of JonBenet Ramsey, saying DNA tests failed to put him at the crime scene despite his repeated insistence he killed the 6-year-old beauty queen.

I imagine there’s hell to pay somewhere. Someone has to take responsibility for the cost of dragging his sad, disgusting ass back to the U.S. One can only hope the charges awaiting him in California will be enough to get him there and to keep him behind bars for at least awhile. There’s something terribly wrong with a person to take responsibility for the murder of a six-year-old girl when they didn’t do it. I would be very worried if he was in my city. Hopefully he’s convicted and faces jail time in California. Oh, and hopefully he faces the general prison population who very well may keep him off the street.

Mannequins…ATTACK! Feces Facing Explusion?

Whoa boy. I’m glad I’m not the subject of *this* story!

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A woman is suing the J.C. Penney Co. after an alleged run-in with a store mannequin that she says left her with a cracked tooth, a bloodied head and recurring shoulder pain.

Diana Newton, 51, of Westminster sued the Texas-based retailer last month in Orange County Superior Court, claiming she was cracked in the head by a legless female dummy at its Westminster Mall store.

Newton said the incident happened nearly a year ago in the women’s department, as she was shopping for a blouse. The only one in her size was on the mannequin. As a salesclerk was removing the garment, the dummy’s arm flew off and struck Newton’s head, according to her lawsuit.

On top of a head injury, she broke a molar and had to have a root canal. Sounds like this lawsuit could cost J.C. Penney Co an arm *and* a leg!

In a completely unrelated story, looks like Las Vegas has something against urine and feces even for those who don’t?

LAS VEGAS (AP) - City officials have made it illegal to sleep within 500 feet of urine or feces, but the city attorney says the new law was passed by mistake and won’t be enforced.

The new ordinance makes it illegal to “knowingly establish” sleeping quarters near defecation unless that “deposit” is made in an appropriate sanitary facility. It was passed unanimously by the Las Vegas City Council as part of a bill making it a misdemeanor to go to the bathroom in public.

City Attorney Brad Jerbic says the council will consider a revised version of the ordinance that shortens the distance between sleeper and deposits.

In the mean time, I think it would be rather shitty to have to write someone a ticket for this!

Dixie Chicks Reaping What They Sowed?

Perhaps a cost of isolating your fans, Dixie Witches?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Several concerts on the Dixie Chicks’ “Accidents & Accusations” tour have been canceled after slow ticket sales, but the group says it has replaced them with other dates.

Kansas City, Houston, St. Louis, Memphis and Knoxville are among 14 cities no longer on the original schedule released in May, according to a revised itinerary posted Thursday on the Dixie Chick’s Web site.

Other shows, including Nashville, Los Angeles, Denver and Phoenix, have been pushed back to later dates.

The Midwest and the South are the areas that are experiencing “lackluster sales.” It appears that bashing President Bush and their patriotic fans have sent them across the border to cover for the cancellation of their Midwest and Southern shows:

Group spokeswoman Kathy Allmand said Monday that the total number of North American dates remains the same, with several Canadian cities added in place of the U.S. shows.

Anyone up for helping them cancel some more U.S. stops? Heh.

Could have been a Darwin Award in the making…

MIAMI A second woman is suing wine and spirit maker Bacardi, claiming she was seriously burned by flaming rum during a night out in Miami.


A friend who was with her has already sued the company.

The women say they suffered serious burns after being hit by the flaming rum, and claim one of Bacardi’s products is defective and dangerous.


The lawsuits are filed in Miami-Dade County Circuit Court.

A bartender, who wasn’t identified in either lawsuit, was pouring shots of Bacardi 151 when a customer lit a menu on fire and placed it in the stream of alcohol.


The lawsuits say the bottle turned into a flame thrower and sent flaming rum everywhere.


The Miami-based company says it won’t comment on the suits, but that the product is clearly labeled with warnings against setting fire to it.


Willie Change My Mind? Nope!
NEW YORK — Willie Nelson says the Dixie Chicks “got a raw deal” from a disapproving public following their criticism of President Bush.

Oh puhleeze. The Dixie Chicks, who make money off of said public got what they deserved. If they want to take the risk of alienating their listening audience because of remarks they make, they have to understand there could be consequences, including people speaking out about their words of choice. And Willie, it doesn’t matter whether they are on stage in a foreign country or at the Grand Ole Opry in the U.S. of A. The venue doesn’t matter - it’s their message that the people were reacting to.

The trio caught harsh criticism after lead singer Natalie Maines told a London audience in 2003 that the group was “ashamed” Bush was from their home state of Texas.

Nelson said he was surprised his remarks about Bush a year earlier during an overseas news conference didn’t incite a similar controversy.

“I said ‘He’s not from Texas and he ain’t a cowboy, so let’s stop trashin’ Texans and cowboys.’ It got a little chuckle, but I didn’t get run out of the country,” Nelson told the magazine.

Well, Willie. Context and presentation are everything. Perhaps you didn’t use the same level of hate and disgust many perceived were behind Natalie Maines’ statement…or maybe your sensationalism doesn’t have as much bite, given you’ve been somewhat eccentric for much of your entertainment career.

No worries….eventually no one will listen to the Dixie Chicks, either.

The ACLU and Fred Phelps, Part II

Earlier a commenter had a question about which judge would be hearing the case filed by the ACLU on behalf of Fred Phelps’ organization, a.k.a. “Westboro Baptist Church.” As I was scouring around the internets, a post stood out over at Blogcritics.org. The title blared “It’s Painful, But the ACLU Should Defend Fred Phelps.” So…I could help but menader over to see why this would be so important.

It’s the same old story over there. People are so up in arms about “Free Speech! Free Speech!” that they simply cannot see the forest for the trees. Verbatim from Blogcritics.org:

It is important to forget the plaintiff in this case and instead analyze the law being challenged. Although protesting at the funerals of innocent and good people is a repulsive use of free speech, I believe this right must be upheld. If the courts allow free speech rights to be taken away during funerals, where else will lawmakers find a constitutional right to block protests or rallies? If gay rights advocates want to protest outside Westboro Baptist Church or another anti-gay religious institution, will conservative lawmakers pass a ban on protesting outside houses of worship? The precedent is a scary one and I commend the ACLU for looking past the plaintiff to realize free speech needs to be defended.

Based on this logic, shouldn’t I have the free speech right to threaten the lives of other people, or yell “fire” in a theater full of people? Shouldn’t I should have the right to stand in a mosque yelling “who wants bacon?” or a synagogue praising the Holocaust? Bluto says it best:

I support the Constitutional right to freedom of expression, but anyone with any common sense knows that it is not an absolute right. For example, I do not have the right to exhort people to murder the members of the Westboro Baptist Church or the ACLU.

The laws passed in Missouri and Nebraska do not take the rights of freedom or of religious expression away from this group, but protects the right of peaceful assembly these families of fallen soldiers have to honor their loved ones. But the ACLU doesn’t think of that, do they? Instead they think it is much more important for this group to throw hateful statements out in the midst of a funeral all for the sake of “protecting free speech.”

But back to our friends at Blogcritics…

These protests can help conservatives understand the viciousness behind anti-gay spokespeople and may result in changed hearts and minds.

First of all, this isn’t about a gay or anti-gay issue and it CERTAINLY isn’t a conservative issue. This is about rights and freedoms. Nothing more. Secondly, this isn’t an opportunity to “educate” conservatives on anti-gay sentiments - what does that have to do with the issue at hand? Anyone, conservative or liberal should recognize the hate this organization has for not only gays and lesbians but for soldiers, cole miners and every day citizens who just happen to get killed. Their stance is that we are all being punished because the U.S. supports gays and lesbians. Again, nothing more.

A final word from Blogcritics…

Where my frustration lies is not with the ACLU, which is acting appropriately, but with the lawmakers sitting in Congress and state legislatures throughout the country. I do not agree with laws banning funeral protests, but I wonder why such legislation is being proposed at this time. Why is it that lawmakers feel Phelps has crossed a moral line by protesting at military funerals, ignoring the fact that he has demonstrated outside the funerals of gay hate crime victims for years? Are dead soldiers on one side of a moral line and gay hate crime victims on the other side? Why didn’t lawmakers who believe in this law stand up for gay and lesbian people who have faced years of Fred Phelps’ torture? There is a true political calculation in those supporting this flawed law banning the protests.

And a final word from Merri….

I disagree that the ACLU is acting appropriately. The appropriate solution would be - as Captain Ed so eloquently states -

Fred Phelps could get a lawyer on his own; the ACLU and its donors have no obligation to assist him in mocking the loss of family members at funerals. The ACLU has put itself on par with these soulless freaks, and their donors should take note that their money now supports the Phelps traveling hate show.

This is yet another publicity stunt by the ACLU, designed for more attention drawn by huge controversy (in other words, “business as usual”). I love this little gem from Blogcritics: “Why is it that lawmakers feel Phelps has crossed a moral line by protesting at military funerals, ignoring the fact that he has demonstrated outside the funerals of gay hate crime victims for years? There is a true political calculation in those supporting this flawed law banning the protests.” Why does the timing of the law matter, when the law is all inclusive and not selective? Look at the laws in Missouri and Nebraska - it doesn’t say “only military services.” So be happy that families of gay hate crime victims won’t have to endure this either! And quit trying to turn this into a political motive. Again, the only groups with an agenda here are Phelps and his team of freaks and the ACLU, standing behind them.

Pirate's Cove linked with WTW: Dumbazz Lebanon Vacationers File Lawsuit
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