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Clarett the LOSER!

Police: Former Ohio State Star Clarett Arrested With 4 Guns

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Maurice Clarett was arrested early Wednesday after a highway chase that ended with police using Mace on the former Ohio State running back and finding four loaded guns in his truck, a police spokesman said.

Officers used Mace to subdue Clarett after a stun gun was ineffective because the former Fiesta Bowl star was wearing a bullet-resistant vest, Sgt. Michael Woods said.

Four loaded guns and a flak jacket? What the hell was he preparing for? Skip any trial he may be looking at and let’s get him right over to Iraq! That probably wouldn’t work because it’s obvious he has no moral direction, and our military does.

“It took several officers to get him handcuffed,” Woods said. “Even after he was placed in the paddy wagon, he was still kicking at the doors and being a problem for the officers.”

Clarett was being interviewed at police headquarters. Authorities planned to charge him with carrying concealed weapons and other counts, Woods said.

Clarett made an illegal U-turn on the city’s east side and failed to stop when officers tried to pull him over.

Once a gangsta, always a gangsta.

Clarett was being pursued by police while driving eastbound on Interstate 70 when he darted across the median and began heading west. Clarett drove over a spike strip that was placed on the highway, flattening the driver’s side tires of the SUV, Woods said.

Clarett exited the highway and pulled into a restaurant parking lot, where officers removed him from the SUV after he failed to obey numerous orders to exit the vehicle, Woods said.

Not good military material if you can’t follow a simple order.

After Clarett was placed in a police van, officers discovered a loaded rifle and three loaded handguns in the front of the vehicle, Woods said.

Woods said he did not know where Clarett got the guns or why he had them and that federal authorities plan to trace their ownership.

Gansta party.

Clarett, 22, is currently awaiting trial on two counts of aggravated robbery, four counts of robbery and one count of carrying a concealed weapon in a separate case. Authorities said he was identified by witnesses as the person who flashed a gun and robbed two people in an alley behind the Opium Lounge in the early hours of Jan. 1.

And he got out on bond? Hopefully the judge denies bond in this case, or makes it so costly he won’t be out. And what the hell kind of name is that for a lounge; Opium?

Clarett scored the winning touchdown in the second overtime to lead Ohio State to the 2002 national championship, the school’s first since 1968. But that was the last game the freshman played for Ohio State. He sat out the 2003 season after being charged with misdemeanor falsification on a police report, then dropped out of school. He sued to be included in the 2004 NFL draft and lost in court.

A surprise third-round pick in the 2005 draft, he was cut by the Denver Broncos during the preseason.

Hmmm….gangsta’s given the opportunity of a lifetime to make millions playing football and what’s he do? Blames everyone else for his troubles because he couldn’t handle the mental strength it takes to be a pro. Now he’s just going to be another stat in another prison that you and I get to pay for.

Video of Two Deceased U.S. Soldiers Released by al Qaeda

I can remember the horrific images we all saw on television on 9/11. Terrorist thugs ramming planes carrying people into our buildings - lives lost as they fell from the buildings to the earth. Much destruction all because the bastards thought we should die. These are the most vile, souless, disgusting creatures that have ever lived and al Qaeda proves it again by releasing a very graphic video of the desecration of two kidnapped U.S. soldiers, Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Tucker of the 101st Airborne.

Rusty over at The Jawa Report has the full story, including the video and pictures. Why, might you ask, am I linking you over there if the videos are so disturbing? Well, we cannot forget who the enemy is. We cannot forget what they are capable of. The MSM paints a picture of Gitmo as some torture scene and these assholes are beheading, desecrating and parading our dead soldiers for all the world to see as some kind of bullshit “revenge” story that makes absolutely no sense. What, truly, is the real evil here? Watching the video was tough for me in the sense that I know these soldiers were not only soldiers, but they were sons, and they were cousins, friends, nephews, brothers, grandsons. The difference between a person like me and these soldiers is bravery and a dedication to fighting for my freedom and yours - knowing there is a cost. But also knowing that the price they pay will keep freedom’s gift a part of America’s future. I will always stand behind our soldiers and I will always support them, but I need to understand as well - we can get somewhat forgetful with a body of water and the MSM filter between the front lines and here. This war is REAL - this isn’t some made up story to increase presidential approval ratings, or some street fight started by the U.S. for no reason. These people want us dead and will not stop until we stop them. You can choose to watch the video or not - some may not be able to, but I had to. This is the face of the enemy and it doesn’t matter your view on the war - it’s enraging.

All the anger and pain I felt on 9/11 resurfaced in just over 4 minutes of video. But along with the anger and pain comes strengthened resolve.

To those who may have forgotten…

The war on terror is not a game. It is not something that will be easily won or ever go away. I’m sorry if some think we need to focus our energy on more “domestic” issues or that we should withdraw our troops from Iraq. That is not an option.

The arrests made today in Miami should serve as a reminder to every American that there are people out there who want to kill you just because of who you are. They want to destroy everything that you believe in. They want to cause as much pain and suffering to you as they can. It does not matter who you are, to them, to the enemy, you are just an American. And that makes you, in their eyes worth killing.

Read about these arrests by a real blogger and just remember these maniacs could have taken your family away from you, like they tore so many families apart on 9/11. Thank God for the FBI.

… As for me, I’m going to go see if I can find a rerun of America’s Got Talent

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi DEAD!

As reported by CalTechGirl over at Not Exactly Rocket Science, ABC news is currently reporting that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has been killed, along with his spiritual advisor. They are saying he wasn’t dead right away, and American troops turned him over to the Iraqis and he subsequently died of his injuries.

It’s now on CNN’s website as a “breaking report” on their website (this is 2:34am Central Time), but there are no additional details. As of yet, Fox isn’t reporting on it, and CBS and NBC are quiet as well.

I, for one, am crossing my fingers. ABC reports were confident in the news as they didn’t say “possibly killed” or “potential news” or anything like that. Let’s hope they are right.

UPDATE: Now FOX News is finally talking about it by interrupting with a Special Report and they have the big ole yellow banner on their site proclaiming the news. …and the news world starts waking up!

UPDATE II: The “official” announcement was just now made in Baghdad (it was reported on Fox News live at 2:45am CDT). The news conference is being broadcast live. Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki talked about the evil past of Zarqawi and OFFICIALLY confirmed Zarqawi’s death. WHEW! Another evil terrorist down and, as someone said on ABC news, another nail in the coffin of Al Qaida. Now General Casey is now speaking and confirmed that it was not only Zarqawi (identified through visual verification/facial recognition, known scars and fingerprints) but a spiritual advisor (a top lieutenant as he said), Sheikh, Abu Abdul Rahman. This latest effort has spanned over several weeks. The bombing was at a safe house 30 miles NE of Baghdad.

UPDATE III: More over at The Jawa Report (via Hubby!)

Thank God Criminals are Stupid!

So, not only does this disgusting pig of a human being decide to take pictures of him with a young child, he then firms up his own stupidity!

BALTIMORE — A man was arrested on child porn charges after pawning a laptop computer that contained photos of him engaged in sexual conduct with a 5-year-old girl, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.

The owner of the pawn shop contacted police after the images were discovered.

Brian Dotson, 45, of Bel Air was identified as the man in the pictures, in part through a cartoon-character tattoo on his left bicep, the U.S. attorney’s office said.

He could get up to 30 years in prison on the federal child pornography charges. He was also charged in state court with rape and sexual abuse.

It is moments like this that you appreciate the fact that criminals are, by nature, stupid.

I imagine his conversation with inmates in prison will go something like this:

Inmate: So, Dotson, whatcha in for?

Dotson: Sexual Assault on a minor. Why?

Inmate: Just wondering…how did you get caught? Why would you do that shit anyway?

Dotson: Well, I wasn’t with her when I got caught. I got caught because they found our pictures on a computer I pawned at the pawnshop.


This Won’t Look Good on a Resume

Certainly due process and time will get to the heart of the situation, but if these boys were truly going to carry out this plot, it’s good that it was uncovered.

CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) - Four teenagers accused of plotting to kill about 25 people in a lunch-period massacre at a high school were charged Thursday under a terrorism law created after the Sept. 11 attacks.

The boys, ages 14 to 16, were arrested Wednesday after police heard about the alleged plot from administrators at the school, where three of the teens are students. Their names were not released because of their ages.

Authorities said the teens planned to attack students, teachers and others at Winslow Township High.

The four boys appeared in family court, and a judge ordered them held for psychiatric evaluations.

Understandably, the parents of at least one of these teens is in disbelief.

The father of one of the boys said the charges were a mistake: “I think it’s just kids hanging out together and having a little wild time, that’s all.”

I can appreciate how he must feel from the parent perspective. How hard would it be to come to the realization that one of your children would be part of such a plot? However, from the outside looking in, I can’t help but be reminded of how out of touch some of the parents were in cases that kids actually *did* kill their classmates (Columbine immediately comes to mind). It also reminds me of how important it is for me to remain in touch with my own kids as they get older.

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