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Where’s Your Blog Hostess?

Sorry for my absence, but quarter-end deadlines loom! Be patient with me - be back soon!

Congratulations to My Favorite Wild Thing!

My dear friend Chrissie is celebrating a year of blogging! Chrissie - you do so much for our soldiers and really help me renew my patriotism every time I visit your blog! We are so fortunate you chose to share yourself with us!!!

Please stop over and wish her the best!!!!

A Day to Honor, a Lifetime to Remember

Yeah…What He Said!

Please go read Hubby’s post on the Nebraska Blog Bash.

Let’s just say he took the words out of my mouth and that I’m lazy because I’m still recovering! :)

Nebraska Blogger Bash Coming!

…and it won’t be just Vinnie and me!

Please email me for details at merrimusings AT msn DOT com if you are interested in joining us in Lincoln!

I Must Be “Spreading a Doctrine of Hate”

This comes by way of Traderrob at Jawa.

Apparently the Indian government feels that Merri Musings (albeit my old url that’s no longer in service at http://www.merrimusings.typepad.com) is worthy of being censored so the people in India are not subjected to the content of my blog.

Officials in the Ministry of Information Technology cite a July 14, 2003 gazette notification that gives the government rights to restrict access to the Internet.

The notification lists five parameters that can allow blocking of websites, which include threats to sovereignty, security of the country, friendly relations with another nation, public order or to prevent a cognizable offense.

I feel very priviledged to (kinda) be in the company of a number of outstanding blogs on the list, The Jawa Report being one of them. I do think it’s guilt by association since that crazy hubby of mine is a contributor at Jawa Editor in Chief of The Jawa Report (heheheh). Well, maybe it’s all the posts I do on Rachael Ray…it’s just gotta be! ;-)

In all honesty I find it quite humerous, and the article is quite interesting. You can find it here.

The Merri Musings typepad site is defunct, following a transition to this site (and after a very ridiculous battle with Typepad to remove the thugs who decided to use my old URL as a pr0n site). But those of you in India who want to read about Rachael Ray, get a few recipes, read about pedophiles and child molesters (oh, and the occasional political rant)…stop over here…it seems you are still welcome to be here courtesy of your government. :-)

UPDATE: Yanno, sometimes it sucks having to go to work…I missed out on so much!

Let me break it down for you: The penny Beth threw in the fountain made her wish come true - she made the “banned” list! She also notes that Malkin has word that the silly little ban may be lifted in a few days. Malkin also posted what is allegedly a document requesting the ban. You can see it here.

Rusty has a great post on the Indian government’s decision to ban our sites. It appears to be related to some posts we did last year about the rioting following a reported incident involving the alleged flushing of the Koran. Read Rusty’s post - it’s awesome!

Teach also got the ban treatment and boasts about it over at his cove. What great company to be in! Now, since they listed my OLD URL, I don’t get the hits from the WSJ, so I will live vicariously through those that do! :D

…and to think this may have been all about Rachael Ray. Rachael, I guess you are off the hook!

I hunted down my Koran post here, if you want to take a peek.

UPDATE REDUX: I love my hubby.

Rohan Pinto linked with da-Gov Code
The Jawa Report linked with Still Banned in India, Why It Still Matters, & How You Can Still Help
MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy linked with BANNED IN INDIA!
The Jawa Report linked with Why The Jawa Report Was Banned in India and Why it Matters
Pirate's Cove linked with Banned In India! Yea, Baby!
The Jawa Report linked with OpiniPundit Banned in India (Updated) Jawa too

Well, we are back from Florida, and Florida is still standing. Barely. Oh, and I’m still standing. Barely. :-) What a great trip! I will definitely write more later, along with some great shots of the trip, but the need to wash 18 loads of laundry, pick up pets from all over town, replenish our very empty kitchen and pay bills kinda is taking up the vast majority of my time.

I first want to thank Beth, Tammy and Jody who helped out by cross-posting here at Merri Musings while I was out. I truly appreciate you helping me out in a pinch, ladies….you all ROCK! Any time you need my help, well, you know where to find me!

I also want to gush about the opportunity we had to meet some very special people down in Florida. Last Thursday, we took a trip to Tampa and met up with Linda and Wild Thing (and her dear hubby). We had a great time tooling around Busch Gardens (LOVE THOSE COASTERS!) and were treated like royalty at the lovely home of one of Linda’s friends, Steve. Click on their links above to get some great posts about our time together…what a great time! I am honored to have met all of them! We also had the great honor of driving up to Tallahassee and meeting Beth and her beautiful daughter on hubby’s birthday. I never knew another person had as much energy, if not more energy than my own daughter - but that would be Beth’s little princess! :-) We had a chance to talk, drink a little, and take in some dinner. Truly, it was hard to leave, but we did try to get Beth to drive to Orlando and hang out the next day. She’s thinking that it may have been a good idea, given her adventures on the road (click on the link to read about all her fun!). I’m sure there will be another time for us to meet, though, Beth!

What a great vacation. I almost cried boarding the plane yesterday. We were trying to figure out a way to sneak in another day to see the beach, but those damned obligations plus a need to quit spending money seemed to get in the way. More on some of the fun we had, but now, I guess it’s back to real life!

Munu Mania

Hi all,

Thanks for your patience since Friday. It appears that MUNU servers were hit with a DDOS attack, which brought the servers down Friday and then again Monday. With the great knowledge and hard work of Pixy Misa, he got us back in the running with very little impact to us (I’m sure he’s worn out!). I lost one post about Hell, Michigan (such a loss, I know!) and a couple of comments. So really nothing at all!!!

Hopefully all will be well going forward, but hey, such is life in the Blogosphere, huh? :-)

Vinnie Has Blogged for One-Fifth of Our Marriage

Go help him celebrate!

Yay for him!

My Mini-Hiatus is Mostly Done

Hi all!

The great Sadie has been working hard to convert Merri Musings to Word Press and I’m now able to post! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? Timing couldn’t have been better. We’ve been bitten with spring fever, we’ve been getting a billion things done in our yard (landscaping, new patios, fence, etc.) and dealing with that has been pretty time consuming.

I love this time of year…all the trees getting their leaves, the new grass and flowers/plants, and outdoor grilling! On top of everything else, we’ve put in an order for a really nice grill, too. We’ll pick it up on Tuesday! By then, we should have sod. The only thing left may be the fence panels, but maybe they’ll all get it done Monday. Heh. Right….

Anyway, I’ll probably put up a post that might be worth reading later tonight. Today will be dedicated to laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning and all other things unholy. :-)

An Open Letter to a Dumb Ass

Dear Dumb Ass,

If you think for a moment that your comments have done anything to hurt my feelings or cause any kind of anguish, you are wrong. You are nothing more than a 2 second “click-delete” in the blogosphere.

Do you really believe you are a waste of *my* time? Fuck no. If you weren’t such a waste of a human being, I might actually feel sorry for you. Yeah, you…a person who is such a loser they spend half their life writing meaningless comments on someone’s website every day. Talk about a person with a “broken brain.” It sure sucks to be you.

And for those who come to my site and see your comments prior to deletion, well, the only one that looks like a fool is you.

Buh-bye, Troll Boy

I told you I control this blog, not you.

I also have control on this one too, stupid.

What’s hilarious is that you’re such a fucking loser, you actually paid someone good money so that you could hide your tracks to make juvenile insults.

Now THAT’s pathetic.

Oh, you can comment on one day’s posts at a time, if comments are open. But we all know that won’t feed your masturbatory desires.

You never managed to get me upset in any way, but you did succeed in boring the hell out of me.

Oh, and you spelled “hemmorhoid” wrong. And learn how to capitalize, idiot.

Here everyone, is a short timeline of a no-life loser:

10th February 2006 11:29:04 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!
10th February 2006 11:30:47 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!
10th February 2006 11:32:55 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!

10th February 2006 11:46:02 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!
10th February 2006 11:47:09 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!
10th February 2006 11:47:31 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156694
ot Your Business!
10th February 2006 11:48:24 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156694
ot Your Business!

11th February 2006 00:06:07 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!
11th February 2006 00:08:51 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!
11th February 2006 00:10:44 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!
11th February 2006 00:10:50 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!
11th February 2006 00:11:08 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!
11th February 2006 00:12:27 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!
11th February 2006 00:12:34 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!

11th February 2006 00:36:57 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!

11th February 2006 01:05:47 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!
11th February 2006 01:08:10 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!

11th February 2006 01:41:21 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!

11th February 2006 11:11:15 blog.mu.nu/cgi/splorp.cgi?entry_id=156641
ot Your Business!

Welcome to the New Merri Musings!

Look around, get comfy and enjoy the view! I’m so happy you found your way here!

Thanks to Sadie over at Apothegm Designs, I’m settling into my new mu.nu digs…don’t you think they look just awesome? Please share your comments about the site so Sadie can get the proper kudos she deserves!

More to come….just getting my feet wet! Thanks for coming over this way…good to see you in da house!

Beth’s Right Meme Conspiracy

I’ve got to say, when I first saw that Beth had tagged me for a meme, I was a bit concerned, especially when the topic was to speak about five weird things about yourself.  Then I read Beth’s post and knew I couldn’t possibly be as weird as her.  Heh.  HAHAHAH!

Anyway, so I’m supposed to come up with five weird things.  I asked my hubby one weird thing I do, and he just couldn’t come up with anything.  Yeah, right.  He just REFUSED to go there.  Eh, I guess I can’t blame him.  We do live in the same house and all, huh?!?!

So I’m left to my own devices….here goes!

1)  I don’t really like ketchup as a rule, but will eat it on certain things.  I do not like ketchup on french fries at all.  I *do* like it on hot dogs and hamburgers, but it grosses me out if there’s too much of it - like when it squishes out between the buns and oozes everywhere…how disgusting!  I can only handle a thin (very thin) line across a hot dog and if it is on a burger, it can only be as much as what would moisten the bun enough to stick to the burger.  The worst thing?  A hamburger patty sliding around inside an overly "condimented" burger….ACK!  I guess I’m just not a condiment over-doer.

2)  I can’t eat nuts in things.  Cookies, cakes, ice cream, fudge….don’t ruin it by putting nuts in it!  Those things have just the right consistency without nuts.  Do I like nuts?  Absolutely….but by themselves, or in peanut M ‘n’ Ms.  As an example, ice cream is supposed to melt in your mouth with nothing left.  If you have nuts in the ice cream, well, you have to chew it.  Or all you have left is a mouth full of nuts and no ice cream. 

3)  I can’t seem to finish a bottle of pop.  Just today, I thew away 3 partially full bottles at work.  You see, pop has to be cold.  Ice cold.  If it doesn’t stay ice cold, I can’t drink it.  and I can’t pour warm pop over a cup full of ice.  The ice melts too fast and waters down the pop and makes it less fizzy.  I like ice cold pop - so cold that ice particles are starting to form in the bottle or can.  Now THAT’s what I’m talking about.  This applies to beer as well, which is why I don’t drink beer often.  I’ve been known to put ice in my beer to keep it cold, which I’m told is an absolute NO NO (whoops - starting to sound like Beth with all the "food issues" going on…better change the subject!)!

4)  Why am I full of useless information?  I can recite full portions of movies, I can sing you most 80s songs, even down to the grunts and moans in a few Prince songs.  But I can’t remember the conversation we had an hour ago without taking notes.  …and the 80s were like, 20 years ago.  Why is this?

5)  I have a tendency to drive people nuts at work due to my almost anal retentive organization skills.  I have certain ways I name files so they can be easier to find alphabetically.  I have a label maker to note exactly what is contained in each section of my employees’ personnel folders.  But if you walked into my house, you would never know about my "secret" life as an organizational freak at work.  I’m lucky to find the most important papers I need at home (i.e. social security cards, birth certificates, etc.)  And let’s not even talk about finding tape - unless it is all over my daughter’s room or some other strange place.  And it’s amazing how many pens I find on top of the fridge - but I guess that comes from having a 4-year-old artist in the house.

What I find frightening about this meme is that I could go on and on.  But thank God I am able to stop at 5!

I originally decided that I wasn’t going to tag anyone, but thought it would be fun to tag my hubby just to see what he would say (if, indeed, he does it).  So tag, Honey, you’re it!

I Ain’t Got Nothin’!

Just a fly-by post to say I’m still alive!

We had a wonderful Christmas - the kids got so many toys I don’t think the garbage collectors are going to like us much (boxes, boxes, boxes!).  On the other hand, the battery people love us.  We should own stock.  Hell, we probably do and just don’t know it!

I’m writing to you on my nice new shiny beautiful, fast and most amazing laptop my dear hubby got me for Christmas.  Now I just need to get a new desk to go with it!  Yes, I accessorize *around* my favorite things!

We had family over and I cooked a 10-pound Christmas prime rib, potatoes gratin, green beans, rolls, pumpkin pie and pecan pie cake.  It was a nice spread and we have some rather tasty left overs.  I’ll be glad when the pie is gone though…unfortunately it’s all going to my waistline (GAWD…I LOVE pumpkin pie!)!  It was good to be with family - the kids enjoyed seeing all the grandparents…shoot, so did I!  To be honest, though, the best part of the day was collapsing on the couch.  I’m looking forward to just a bit of relaxation, even though I have to go back to work tomorrow (whahhhhhh!).  Now comes the fun part - putting away the tree.  I’m usually ready for it the day after Christmas.  This year’s no different, so we’ll see how long it lasts!  I give it 3-4 days tops.

Blogging will commence again, now that I have some free time.  Frequency depends upon what I walk into at work.  It is year-end review time, end of quarter time, first quarter preparation, I have a new boss, and there seems to be no end of the fun!  I was planning to take this week off, but that darned flu got in the way.  The good thing is, this is the slowest work week of the year otherwise, so I might just get some stuff done!!

Anyway, before I put you to sleep, just wanted to toss a few thoughts into the air to see where the landed.  Now it’s off to real life once again!  Take care!

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