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A Reason Why There Are Such Things as Jail

Just look at that image for a minute. First of all, the man beat this child. Then he tried convincing the mother of this child that he “fell off the couch.” How could *anyone* do anything like this to such a beautiful child….to ANY child? What could this child POSSIBLY have done?

La Vista police said the injuries were caused by Keith Parker, 28, the live-in boyfriend of Aiden’s mother. He was arrested Monday morning on felony child abuse charges. Parker made his first court appearance Thursday, where his bond was set at $250,000.

The baby will be fine, authorities say, this injury the result of multiple skull fractures. The mother of Aiden believed her boyfriend at first, because it didn’t look this bad, but the bruising kept developing and after 3 days took the baby to the hospital.

Yanno, Parker may be protected from the general population behind bars, but that doesn’t mean he’s protected from those behind bars with him. Parker would make a good whipping post…have at him! Let’s see how he likes it.

UPDATE: Here’s what an evil, vile, sick, disgusting child abuser looks like:

I thank God that Aiden is healing and will be okay…at least on the outside. I pray that he never sees such evil again in his life. As for Parker, I pray that justice will be served. That man should never see the outside of a 6′ hole again, but at the very least, he should never again see the outside of a prison cell.

Nancy Stroosnyder said:

Having lost my son in a car accident is bad enough...the WORST thing a parent could ever go through. When I hear of a parent (or more often the live-in boyfriend) do something like THIS to a child I feel I have the capability to actually kill, or at the very least horribly maim someone.

I truly believe that God will give this sub-human what he deserves on his "Glory Day", but it is my desperate wish that his "just rewards" are given in prison.

Beth said:

I can't even look at that picture. One look was enough.

Jail is too good for the animal that did this!

Nancy Stroosnyder said:

The "live-in boyfriend" situation rarely works. Unfortunately the mentality of teen moms just isn't there....I think they feel overwhelmed (who doesn't?), but have this crazy need for a "man" in their lives. Sad, sad, sad.

Mrs. Who said:

This just breaks my heart...but I'm glad I went to read the article to know that the baby is in emergency custody with the mom only able to visit right now. She waited three days to take the baby in??? Maybe she's just ignorant and doesn't condone what happened, but her ignorance has already put that baby at serious risk. That baby doesn't need a mom like that.

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